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How Do They Put The Flavor Into Flavored Pipe Tobacco?

How To Put The Flavor Into Flavored Pipe Tobacco

Originally grown in America, Tobacco is an indigenous plant that contains extremely addictive chemical nicotine and cancer-prone chemicals. Tobacco is usually extracted from the leaf of the Nicotiana genus and the Solanaceae (nightshade) family of plants. There are above 70 species of tobacco, but the major crop used for a commercial purpose is  N. tabacum, […]

3 Steps To Get A Quality RYO Cigarettes

get a quality RYO cigarettes

Do you know that you can roll your own cigarettes? Well, this option has always been there on the cards. However, RYO cigarettes have risen to the occasion with the increase in the excise duty of popular brands. Moreover, who wouldn’t like to smoke a handmade cigarette and save money? And, with money we mean, […]

Pipe Tobacco Vs. Cigarette Tobacco – The Differences

Pipe Tobacco Vs Cigarette Tobacco

What Is The Difference Between Pipe Tobacco And Cigarette Tobacco? You might have seen people smoking cigarettes, while others are using pipes for the same indulgence. Almost everyone across the world prefers cigarettes, while pipe has become a symbol of status and sophistication over time. Whether you’re a smoker or not, you might have come […]