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Best Cigarillos of 2021

Best cigarillos of 2021 Cigars come in different brands and make; one of them is called cigarillo. These are small-sized cigars rolled in the finest tobacco paper for smooth smoking. Cigarillos have around 3 grams of tobacco, far more in the content than that found in cigarettes. Of course, cigarillos are cigars, but they are smaller […]

How rolling your own tobacco will save you a lot of money monthly

How rolling your own tobacco will save you a lot of money monthly Prices of major commodities are increasing, and your favorite cigarette is not spared. The impact of price increase in smoke can be multidimensional, and the best thing is RYO to save money. Imagine an increase from $3 to $8 when your earning […]

One of Today’s Best Rolling Papers – Corn Husk

With several States legalizing Marijuana now there has been a big increase in how people smoke. One of the most popular ways still is the old fashioned joint and with this method you need some rolling papers. It?s become a fashion statement today to have your own special rolling paper brand that is unique to […]

Top Best Three Manual Cigarette Machines

Top best three manual cigarette machines Owning the best cigarette rolling machine is undoubtedly the desire of most smokers, and this article is to help you choose the best product. Of course, a versatile Ryo machine will not only save you cool sums of money, but it will also add to the fun of smoking; […]

Five Great Medium Priced Cigarette Rolling Machines

If you are a roll your own tobacco consumer, you will, at some point, want to move away from hand rolling those smokes to using a cigarette rolling machine. We stock about 20-30 cigarette rolling machines, with prices starting at under twenty bucks and going up to just under a hundred dollars – higher-priced cigarette rolling […]

The top 3 Electric Rolling Machines

The top 3 electric rolling machines Rolling tobacco is a whole new way of getting the best smoking experience from the comfort of your home. But, it can become tiring quite fast, rolling tobacco manually, particularly if you don’t have all the time. Manual rolling machines also need extra effort from you, which will require […]

What mistakes to avoid when rolling your own tobacco

What mistakes to avoid when rolling your own tobacco Rolling your won cigarette is the most exhilarating experience in smoking. You are not only saving money, but you are simply putting your money where your mouth is. But, without being careful, you could be making mistakes that could turn out costly. Rolling your own tobacco […]

How rolling your own tobacco can save you a lot of money monthly

Smoking is not only a hobby but some commitment amongst smokers. If you are a regular smoker, you would understand me if I say how expensive it is keeping up with this lifestyle. And if I guess right, you probably are tired about how much you spend on these packs. You might even be considering […]

Black And Mild Cigars Flavors For Sale

black & mild cigars

Black and Mild Cigars Black and mild cigars created by John Middleton Company are famous American cigars filled with black Cavendish and Virginia tobacco. These cigars are recognized not only among cigar smokers in the United States but among cigar smokers throughout the world. Black and mild cigars are created using aromatic tobacco to guarantee a great […]

Captain Black Pipe Tobacco

If you are looking for the best world’s most affectionate tobacco pipe, Captain Black Pipe Tobacco will top the list. This is because of its history that is consistent with quality in pipe tobacco smoking.  The quality of Captain Black Pipe Tobacco can be found in its rich specially cured Cavendish tobaccos that blends with […]