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OHM Pipe Tobacco

OHM Pipe Tobacco In every industry, there are top players with products serving as standard high-quality; this is where OHM Pipe Tobacco belongs. Smokers of repute always think OHM Pipe Tobacco because of the exceptional quality of is tobacco. Packed in “fresh-loc” bag the Ohm tobacco is ever fresh, tastes excellent and cost effective in […]

What Is A Backwoods Blunt?

Backwoods blunt gives you unique smoking experience rarely found in typical smokes. It’s something herbal that delivers exhilarating smoking experience. Backwoods is different, and only smokers with a high sense of satisfaction and appreciation for tasting exquisite flavor look for it. It not about getting high; it’s about feeling different and pleasant. This is why […]

Best Cigars of 2021

Best Cigars of 2020 More new smokers join the league of cigar enthusiasts every day, and we feel honored to welcome these loving new people into the cigar world. There is a better way to recognize your hearty warming decision than to provide you the information to find your way around. We think you need […]

Poweroll 2 or Powermatic 2 The best Electric Cigarette Machine

Poweroll 2 vs. Powermatic 2 Rolling your own cigarettes is a new hobby among cigarette smokers, and it makes every sense to learn it. RYO is like DIY believers because it helps people to save money and live a reasonable economic lifestyle. As a common hobby among smokers, various tools have been designed by cigarettes […]

Rocky Patel Cigars


If you want a cigar that is not for just every smoker, but one that is cherished by aficionado, Rocky Patel Cigars is your brand. This premium quality cigar has its place at the top echelon of smoking lifestyle and only people bred in the art of smoking will value the intrinsic quality imbue in […]

Black & Mild Cigars

The most beautiful thing about this world, and indeed humanity is the freedom to choose. And in the smoking world, the choices of different brands of smoke make the passion very appealing. For this reason, windy city cigar is ever attentive to the need of our customers that we look for the best premium brands […]

Arturo Fuente Cigars

Arturo Fuente Cigars: The Best Cigar to live your passion The same over-consuming passion with which Arturo Fuente Cigars came to life in 1912; it is still very much today. Cigar connoisseurs are unanimous on their approval of quality and craftsmanship excellence in the over a century old Fuente Family legacy. The best part is […]