5 Excellent Rolling Tobacco Products packed with Flavor, and Economically-Priced

For over a decade, we have tried out different pipe-tobacco brands. Of all the brands we have tried, the following are the few ten that we are counting as our ten favorite rolling tobacco brands for resale.

1.    Bugler tobacco

bugler tobacco

Bugler tobacco is one of the oldest-existing pipe-tobacco brands ever. There has been a consistent production of aromatic tobaccos from Bugler since the early 1930s. Although Lane Ltd. Introduced Bugler brand in 1932, Lane became Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s subsidiary in 2011.

Bugler tobacco comes in 3 significant blends:

•    Green (has a milder taste)                                         

•    Blue Full Flavor (has a stronger, full-flavor)

•    Green Menthol (has very little traces of menthol)

2. Kentucky Select tobacco

kentucky tobacco

This brand uses 100% original tobacco, compared to their cheaper counterparts. As Kentucky is notable for surprisingly affordable price points, new and regular smokers enjoy purchasing the brand. And, different from other inferior brands, it burns smoothly, tastes excellent, and does not have unpleasant aftertastes.

Kentucky pipe-tobacco comes in seven custom blends:

  • Red: The Red is intense and flavorful. Although it is suitable for flavor-loving smokers, it might not be suitable for beginners, due to its tanginess.
  • Gold: The Gold is smoother and miler compared to the Red.
  • Blue: The Blue is smooth, and has traces of menthol. However, the menthol is rather mild and doesn’t overpower the tobacco’s natural flavor.
  • Green: The Green also has mints and menthol. However, this menthol composition is higher and more concentrated than the Blue’s.
  • Silver: The Silver has a lighter and smoother texture. Its additive-composition is lower than the others’.
  • Turkish Black: The Turkish Black has a more pungent taste, making it more enjoyable for smokers interested in unique, stronger flavors.
  • Natural Organic: The Natural Organic is made of 100% natural tobacco with zero additives.

3. Gambler Pipe-Tobacco

gambler tobacco

The Gambler pipe tobacco has both economic value and stunning quality. You get all the value for your money; a significant quantity and quality of tobacco in each bag.

All the four popular Gambler tobacco blends are available in our store:

  • Gambler Regular Pipe-Tobacco: This blend has an average taste that you appreciate in every mood of smoking.
  • Gambler Mellow Tobacco: Although this blend is smoother than the regular, it is not as silky-smooth as the Silver
  • Gambler Silver Pipe Tobacco: This blend is Gambler’s smoothest blend yet, which can be compared to other more expensive combinations in the market. It tastes great and extremely smooth.
  • Gambler Mint Tobacco: This blend adds a bit of mint. However, although this mint flavor is meager to the entire composition, it is still a unique taste.

4. Cherokee Pipe Tobacco


This high-quality rolling brand is traditionally-produced by Native American-Cherokee Indians. It influences their complex customs of using and producing tobacco. It comes as a long flavorful ribbon-cut tobacco in 16oz and 5-pound tobacco bags.

It is very affordable, and has four primary flavors:

  • Cherokee Full Flavor: it has a more flavor, particularly, a rather intense traditional taste.
  • Cherokee Ultra Silver: This blend has a smooth and refined texture.
  • Cherokee Mellow: it has a smooth-tasting mellow flavor.
  • Cherokee Turkish: This blend’s taste is classically erotic and unique.
  • Cherokee Menthol: the Menthol flavor is quite significant, but does not overshadow the original tobacco.

5. Good Stuff rolling pipe-tobacco

Good Stuff Tobacco

Good Stuff is from the great state of North Carolina. It is additive-free and smooth-to-taste. It comes as a reseal-able 16oz bags with six major blends:

  • Red: This full-bodied blend has the most flavourful taste compared to the other combinations in this brand.
  • Gold: It has kind of the mildest flavor of all.
  • Menthol: This blend has traces of menthol, although it is not as pungent as those of inferior brands.
  • Menthol Gold: Menthol Gold is milder and smoother than the Menthol blend.
  • Silver: This brand, just like some expensive tobacco brands, has a silky-smooth taste.
  • Natural: Although the Natural has a traditional taste, it is not as strong as the Red.

Nine means to Know If You Are Smoking a Good-Quality Rolling-Tobacco

  1. The taste should be smooth and moderately flavorful. A balanced tobacco taste without unpleasant aftertaste means that the brand is original and full-bodied.
  2. The tobacco should roll faultlessly in both manual and automatic machines. Tobacco, which is too humid, will jam the device and roll awfully.
  3. The tobacco must have smooth combustion without “running” down the side of your pipe. If so, the tobacco is of poor quality and must be tossed off or rehydrated.
  4. Additives, such as menthol, should be moderately intense and should not feel pungent to your taste buds.
  5. Your tobacco should have a modifiable flavor. If not, its flavor is too harsh, and such harshly-flavored tobacco is of low-quality.
  6. High-quality rolling tobacco should last, at least, as long as 60-90 days, provided you store it tightly and away from direct sunlight.
  7. You should taste only the flavors of the tobacco immediately you smoke; pungent aftertastes signify low-quality.
  8. Although cost is always a subjective issue, you ought to be able to get rolling tobacco and roll it yourself, without having to spend twice the amount on a conventional cigarette.
  9. No pipe tobacco is the best; it is always based on your personality. Besides, remember; there are usually faults when you try out pipe tobacco.


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