A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Cigars

Most of the people think of cigars as a thing that is enjoyed sometimes or on some particular occasions only. Very often there are times when individuals smoke cigars when they are a part of a group who are enjoying specific cigars such as Punch Cigars. In such an occasion you like to be the odd one out in the smoking room. There is nothing more enjoyable than spending your time outdoors during summers and lighting up your favorite stogie and appreciating the smoke. But wait, in order to enjoy a cigar, you first have to understand the basics of purchasing a cigar. So, our motive here is to gain some knowledge on how to buy the right cigar.

The Basics

While purchasing Oliva Cigars or rather any cigar, there are three key things to take into account and these are the origin of the cigar, the size of the cigar and the strength of the cigar. It is a fact that some swankier smokers would also consider flavor, but whichever cigar you select, the taste will predominantly depend on the tobacco from which it is produced.


How the cigar will taste is principally related to the place where the cigar is formulated. One more impact the origin of the cigar has is on the attributes you will note while smoking a cigar. At present there are a lot of places across the globe that produce superior cigars. The most familiar and most commonly available cigars in the USA are from: Honduras, Brazil, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico and also from USA itself. All of these areas yields cigars that are believed to be elite cigars. The prime factor that differentiates a cigar from a particular region from another is basically the soil and in what way the tobacco is developed prior to being harvested. This is the reason why cigars from a specific region taste better than other regions. The climate influences the cultivation of the tobacco.


The cigar’s size is important also. The size determines the amount of tobacco that was used to produce it, the type of flavor that will be given out, and the amount of time the cigar will take to be smoked. Select the size of the cigar that is most suitable to the circumstances you will be liking it. By and large, there are ten main sizes of cigars. And the list is below:


Panatela                              6                  26 to 8

Petit Corona                        5                  40 to 44

Corona                                5 to 5½            40 to 44

Lonsdale                              6½           40 to 44

Robusto                               4½ to 5            48 to 52

Belicoso                               5 to 6           49 to 54

Toro                                     6                  50

Torpedo                               6½               50 to 52

Churchill                              7                  46 to 50

Double Corona                    7½-8            47-52


Virtually none of the cigars will have information regarding its strength. Therefore, you don’t have any option but to depend on the cigar shop assistant to assist you to help you to provide information on the strength of the cigar. But as a rule a cigar that is darker in color is believed to be more powerful than a cigar that is lighter in color. If you are a newbie, find out a cigar online store that have cigars for sale. This way you will develop a taste for cigars.

How to Buy Cigars Online