Acid one of the finest cigars in the world

Acid Cigars Can Come at a Discount

The ACID cigars brand can be obtained at a discount to provide an affordable smoking experience.

ACID Cigars have been available on the market since 1999. They are well known in the cigar smoking community for providing an herbal and aromatic flavor in various sizes.

There are four different lines of ACID cigars that one can purchase. This includes Blue, Kuba Kuba, Blondie, and the Red Series. Each offers a different infused flavor, which can range from mild-medium to medium.

The origin of these cigars is Nicaraguan and the sizes can vary dramatically. Smokers can choose panatela, belicoso, robusto, or pyramid. Assortments can also be found to ensure that customers will be able to choose their desired smoke after sampling a few of the different offerings that the brand has to offer.

ACID has a considerable following and as such, many cigar shops tend to increase the price. This makes it hard to find an affordable cigar in order to try or to enjoy a flavorful smoke for less. “Finding a single ACID cigar is hard enough. Finding one that is on sale is even harder,” complained one cigar smoker when asked about the pricing.

It is not that ACID cigars are expensive, however. They have simply become so popular that many smoke shops and cigar wholesalers feel that they can charge any price they want because the demand is there.

Not all smoke shops feel this way. Discounts are available online with This ensures that people have a go-to place where they can get the line of ACID cigars that they wish to enjoy. The cigars are typically priced by the box. On occasion, there are variety packs and assortments where multiple sizes and lines are included.

Online cigar stores recommend customers have an idea as to what they are looking for. ACID can be found within the list of products. From there, a person can explore the deals that are posted for the week. This can include discounts as well as free shipping within the continental United States. Deals such as these can be found almost weekly to ensure that people do not have to pay full price for the cigars, or in some cases, more than full price. offers discounts on ACID cigars on a regular basis throughout their entire inventory of cigars. ACID cigars are carried and multiple lines of the brand go on sale through the year. This allows people to try the cigars for themselves and taste the flavors to see why so many people speak highly of the brand. Repeat customers can often enhance discounts with promo codes that come by email

So when you’re searching for cigars online, you want a wide selection from which to choose. At Windy City Cigars, we strive to bring you the best in cigar selection.

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