Are Cuban Cigars Legal?

Cuban cigars are not legal in the United States with the exception of pre-embargo cigars that are very scarce and extremely costly. If the U.S. citizens try to purchase, possess or bring in any Cuban cigars in the United States, they might have to pay fines and other penalizations, depending on the specific circumstances.

Cuban cigars are not legal at both home and abroad. Theoretically, even though a U.S. citizen is not even allowed buying or smoking a Cuban cigar whilst traveling overseas, there could not be any realistic way to put in force the restriction. Having said that, a cigar smoker who still wanted to smoke a Cuban cigar might want to take the risk whilst travelling to other countries. Mexico and Canada are not very far away from many U.S. cities. Those persons who are preparing to take a Caribbean cruise will come across the cigar store where they will be Cuban cigars for sale on a lot of the islands. However, there is a problem with fake Cuban cigars that are being vended to American tourists. To increase the likelihoods of acquiring the real Cuban cigars, buy the cigars from a cigar store of good repute and not from the numerous street sellers that you will meet near the harbour. And remember not to buy any extra cigars that you expect to smoke while overseas.

By and large, Cuban cigars are the finest in the entire world. But a certain Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican cigar is able to taste better than a certain Cuban cigar. By being Cuban doesn’t inevitably make a cigar outstanding, but since it is illegal, it makes it more desirable to some experts. There are a lot of great cigars that are available in the world, more than each individual can ever try. So it does might not be advisable to violate the laws of the U.S. simply to smoke a cigar that is from Cuba.

The Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars cost as much as several ordinary Cuban ones. The best Dominican cigars are available in online cigar store and cigar store USA. The best one available is perhaps the Fuente Fuente Opus X even though it is extremely rare and very expensive. The best cigar available from Nicaragua is the Padron 1925. These cigars will surpass almost any Cuban cigar depending on your personal taste.

Understand the risks: The Cuban Assets Control Regulations, Title 31 C.F.R. Part 515, are regulations that were managed and applied by the U.S. Department of the Treasury under the Trading with the Enemy Act in reply to some hostile activities by the Cuban government. These regulations are still in force at present and are applicable to all permanent residents and U.S. citizens wherever they are situated. They state that whoever violates the regulations, criminal penalties will be imposed that extend as many as 10 years in jail, US$ 250,000 fines on individuals and corporate fines of US$ 1,000,000 will be enforced. US$ 65,000 per violation on civil penalties might also be imposed.