Best Cigarillos of 2020

Best cigarillos of 2020

Cigars come in different brands and make, one of them is called cigarillo. These are small sized cigars rolled in the finest tobacco paper for smooth smoking. Cigarillos have around 3 grams of tobacco, which is far more in the content than that found in cigarettes. Of course, cigarillos are cigars, but they are smaller in size compared to the full bred cigars; they are just a miniature of the cigars you know. It means you have to smoke this brand of the cigar the same way you smoke the bigger cigars and not mistake them for cigarettes because they are different.

The making of cigarillo cigars is in different forms; some are made using the machine, or a combination of machine bunched and human wrapped while some are entirely handmade. As you should have expected, the making of a cigar will reflect in its quality and price. Yes, delicately handcrafted cigarillos are usually more expansive than the mass-produced machine quality ones.

The high demands for cigarillos often come from cigar aficionados who are pressed for time but still want to enjoy their round of smooth cigar. As you already know, cigar smoking is a lifestyle that means it’s a part of people’s life.

Cigars continue to enjoy new converts among successful people across industry best hands. If you are just joining the league of cigar lovers and want to up your hobby, don’t feel too bad you have been missing your favorite sweet cigars, now you can add something more to your collection with our 10 best cigarillos of 2019.

Al Capone Candela filtered Display Tub

These are machine made cigarillos named after the famous gangster, Al Capone. It’s a blend of Brazilian and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves with a unique aroma and delectable in smoking. This miniature cigar got its classic, medium to full strength, filter from the Nicaraguan areas of Esteli, Jalapa and the Condega. It has an intense and rich flavor with a sweet and smooth taste.

The Al Capone cigarillos adorn beautiful Nicaraguan binder with quality Brazilian wrapper to produce one of the world’s most cherished cigarillos loved by many cigar enthusiasts around the world.

AyC Grenadiers Cigars Dark

Among the world’s leading name in smoke is Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers Cigars produced since 1879. This over century-old cigar continues to make its presence felt today among quality brand of cigars. The best part of this cigar is its highly affordable price selling at a fraction of other cigars price. It’s a machine made cigarillos you will find so fresh with a mild taste. Its filter is a Cuban seed mixed body. This product is made in Cavey, Puerto Rico.

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars

These cigarillos are machine made with Sweet Aromatic taste.  Every stick feature mellow and sweet tobacco flavors with an exceptional aroma. The brand came alive in 1981 and captured the interest of smokers since then. The beauty of these small cigars is their all-natural tobacco blend without homogenized element in them. Cigar aficionados describe this product as excellent with an image of cowboys Wild West appeal. It’s a cigar you want to try now if you have not already.

OHM Chocolate Amore Cigarillo

It’s a sweet bomb, slow-burning amazingly smooth experience smoke. Every puff of this cigar sends pleasant smoking experience to the brain with a huge calming effect. The cigarillo is packed in 3 sticks each contained in 15 pouches. The smoke of this make is best experienced than heard and are available as a great companion when you want to have a quick puff in the heat of work or pleasure.

Black & Mild Cigarillos

The Black and Mild wine cigarillos have aromatic pipe tobacco-filled. Each stick is wrapped using homogenized wrapper and binder. The Black and Milds come in different sizes and flavors. These are cigars small enough for your smoking enjoyment, both night and day.

Partages Black Label Prontos

This miniature cigar is pleasant in taste and enjoyable in smoking. The Partages Black Label Prontosis satisfying and nicely packaged to live up to its premium quality. It is a hand-rolled, long filler cigarillo measuring 4.2 by 36 inches with a smoking duration of about 25 minutes. It is full of rich notes of chocolate, earth, and espresso flavors.

Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Cigars

These cigars are the world’s largest wood-tipped cigar. The cigars are from a reputable manufacturer, Altadis, USA, the same makers of Backwoods, Phillies, Dutch Masters and several premium cigars loved by aficionados. These distinctive wood tips cigars offer cool taste and mellow flavor cherished by cigar lovers.

Oliva Special G

These are a miniature version of Oliva’s favorite Serie G cigars. They are hand rolled, long filler brand featuring long filler tobacco and a skilfully made figurado-style foot. It has a petit corona body measuring 3.7? by 48 and takes about 30 minutes of smoking time.

Nat Sherman

This handmade cigar, the winner of 2014 cigar of the year, is an approachable, affordable, and balanced cigarillo with fantastic construction.  It has a creamy taste of Connecticut wrappers with a buttery flavor. It is among the oldest and successful premium cigar in the market. The hand-rolled short filler smoke contains 5 packs per box with 4? x 34 Vitola and smoking time of 25 minutes.

Illusione Epernay

It’s a box-pressed cigar designed for the need of European smoking enthusiasts. This brand is milder than what many Americans aficionados would want for their brand of cigar. We feature this because Windy City Cigar caters to the need of all cigar lovers, and we appreciate the needs of our European customers.   The binder and filler, including the wrapper, are Nicaragua sourced.  It is a box of 25 with honey, cedar, and coffee tastes.

Why should we care?

 Yes, a cigar is a cigar, but we care about smokers’ feelings and needs to enjoy their passion for premium cigars. Cigarillos are to the rescue where you care about smoking in a fast, urgent manner where the big cigars cannot meet your needs. Like your premium regular size cigars, cigarillos come in different blends and quality to satisfy your delicate taste.

At Windy City Cigars, your pleasure is our business, and we do that in a way to give you a sense of belonging because you are important to us. We take time to educate, inform, and supply everything you need. You can find most of these cigarillos at our store, in case you have a comment or special request, don’t be shy, talk to us now.