Best Pipes of 2019

Best Pipes of 2019

A smoke pipe is often called a pipe. The device is specially designed for smoking tobacco. Its structure comprises of the bowl (called a chamber) where the tobacco is placed and the shank which is the thin hollow that links to the bowl and ends in the bit called mouthpiece through which the smoker draws the smoke. Pipes are in different types and make ranging from simple machine-made briar to costly handcrafted artisan masterpiece made by legendary pipe makers. Pipe smoking predates cigarettes, and it is the oldest of all traditional type of tobacco smoking.

Types of pipes

Pipes may be made from wood, clay, glass and ceramic materials according to the purpose and taste of the design. The following outlines the various types of pipes you will find in the market:

  • Cob corn
  • Briar
  • Meerschaum
  • Calabash also called Gourd
  • Hookah also called Water Pipe
  • Clay also called Clay pottery pipe

In this discussion, we will review five best pipes you should be using in 2019 for their versatility, elegance and cool features.

Erik Nording Tobacco Pipe Moss F

Erik Nording pipes comprise different well-crafted pipes with Moss F finish. Each pipe is distinct in look, style, and elegance. This type has 3.5 inches stem, 2.5 inches deep bowl and 1-inch bowl width with 6.25 inches in total length. These pipe collections are handcrafted briar pipes made from Denmark’s worldwide famous pipe maker. You can get all selection of Erik Nording Tobacco Pipes from Windy City Cigar at reasonable prices.


  • 3.5″ stem, 2.5″ deep bowl, 1″ bowl width, total pipe length 6.25.”
  • Erik Nording Freehand Moss F Pipe Made in Denmark.
  • All pipes are handmade in Denmark.
  • Erik Nording Pipes with the Moss F finish – no two are alike.
  • Different ranges of bowl shapes highlight this well made pipes.


  • Elegant pipe
  • Different varieties of bowl shapes
  • Handmade briar pipe
  • Comfortable smoking
  • Value for money

Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman

These brands of bespoke tobacco pipe are for long smoking sessions that deliver unmatched smoking pleasure. They are made with an extra- large, barrel-shaped bowl for continual smoking enjoyment. These handcrafted corncob pipes have 6mm filters similar to the Legend and are designed for gentlemen. Each pipe has an appealing dark stain coating with hardwood at the bottom for a distinctive manly look. This is a luxury type of pipe for elegance and an expensive lifestyle.


  • Design and construction create a sweet and cool smoke.
  • Easy on the lungs and enjoyable to the palate.
  • Has a bit of heft to it and doesn’t feel fake in any sense of the word.
  • Pros Budget tobacco pipe.
  • Excellent craftsman-like construction Deep, extra-large bowl Provides a nice, cool draw.


  • Worthy pipe at a super price
  • Budget-friendly
  • Genuine hardwood bowl
  • Made in the USA

Tobacco Pipe

This is an excellent pipe for smoking tobacco in a stylish, cool and elegant design making it the perfect gift for smokers. This Tobacco Pipe is a neat little pipe with smooth, rounded curves designed with a convenient leather carrying bag sold in a buy one and get one free promo.


  • Stylish, Cool and Distinguished – to feel like an old school badass puffing clouds of smoke with a smooth draw and classy wood.
  • Great for starters or collectors.
  • The perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or Fathers Day for all smoking enthusiast.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee because the maker has 100% Confident on the quality.


  • Beautiful tobacco pipe
  • Perfect gift
  • Pipe starter kit
  • Bespoke accessories
  • Very affordable

Nording Signature Black Smooth Tobacco Pipe

It is a freehand shape many smokers are crazy to have. There is something magical in the manner of the size of the briar, stem, and general form that will melt any smoker’s heart. What makes this pipe alluringly unique is that it changes tones with time as the tobacco burns in the chamber. The Briar made pipe has a length of 6.50 inches, 2.09 inches in height and 1.47 inches of bowl depth. The inside of the bowl diameter measures 0.91 inches while the shank seam measured 1.09 inches and the weight is 1.9 oz.


  • Unique Design
  • Handmade
  • Great Quality
  • One of a Kind


  • Made of briar
  • Made in Denmark
  • Comes with protective sock
  • Great gift

Handmade Wooden Tobacco Smoking Pipes

These assortments of tobacco smoking pipes are handcrafted from natural walnut and cherry wood materials from Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains. It has detachable walnut mouthpiece design and removable metal insert pipe lid. The bowl does not burn when smoking. These pieces of art pipe design are natural pipes that make the perfect gift for men that worth the title of being called real men! This creates an excellent gift for dad, husband and cool besties you hold dear to the heart. The pipe measure about 10 inches in total length with the mouthpiece measuring 3 inches, the inner bowl has 0.6 inches in diameter.


  • 100% natural wood pipes make it eco-friendly all-round.
  • It offers three color choices from 3 types of wood including amber (cherry wood); beige (Beechwood); or brown-grey (walnut).
  • Lightweight 10” handmade smoking pipe for portable easy on the go into any home office, library, or paraphernalia collection.
  • Authentic craftsmanship, a puff from a piece of original, hand-whittled art when it’s time for a smoke.
  • Gorgeous textures and ridges provide a unique, one-of-a-kind design.
  • Gift handmade greatness to someone in your life – any close pal who loves smoking will adore this rare gift from a loving friend or a close relation.


  • Very long pipes
  • Easy to throw away and replace
  • Often used for styles
  • Offers both cool mild flavor smoke
  • Very affordable in price

Buy your pipes at Windy City Cigars

There is nothing more heartwarming for us at Windy City Cigars than knowing that we care about your smoking lifestyle that we bring you sizzling pipes and accessories to live your passion. You can feel at home with us to ask your questions and what you need at a very competitive price. 

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