Best Wraps to Roll with in 2020

Every smoker desires to have a smoke that burns smoothly and evenly. Apart from a smooth and even burning joint, smoking your cannabis is noted as the best and fastest way to feel sweet high and great.

Making a blunt is famous among weed connoisseurs as the best way to roll and enjoy a beautiful burning bud. For a high time roll, there is a special wrapper that delivers exquisite Blunt for wholesome smoking enjoyment. With a good rolling, you have no worries about the quality of your weed because the roll renews its value and worth for smoking!

A blunt wrapper is a double layer of dried tobacco leaves. The wrapper is stiffer than the cigarette wrapping paper to facilitate easy rolling for Blunt. However, as you know that the smoke industry is highly innovation-based, but several wraps may confuse the average smoker.

Of course, as you are aware that one of the core jobs at Windy City Cigar is the smoker’s education. We ensure to give you the latest information to make informed decisions. We will discuss the best wraps to roll your blunt in 2020 and going forward.

Let’s meet five of the best wraps to roll an enjoyable blunt for a long walk without loneliness in 2020!

1.      Kashmir Rolling Papers

By reading this article, it means you are among the creative smokers who enjoy rolling their smoke. Whether you like to puff weed, tobacco, or any other grass, rolling your blunt makes sense! Of course, not all smokers understand the particular place of RYO in smoking, but until you tried the first time, you don’t know either!

Kashmir rolling papers occupy a place of pride among wraps to roll because of its uniqueness and meticulous manufacturing processes. This famous brand has decades of quality experience behind it. The brand is especially ideal for smoking hemp in jumbo sizes. If you have not tried this wrap before now, I bet you will find it so good you won’t ever roll your smoke without it.


Kashmir Organic Hemp Wraps offer a superior alternative to other rolling papers on the market today. It promises even and a slow burn, while suitable for Vegan and GMO-free. Kashmir wraps are among the best wraps cherished by smokers.

It is 100% organic hemp rolling paper packed in different sizes and manufactured in the USA. Kashmir wraps are quality rolling papers available in natural wraps and pre-rolled tubes. The wraps come in two distinctive sizes of 1-1/2 and 1-1/4 Rolling Papers packs.


  • 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Papers and eco-friendly
  • MedGrade Rolling Papers best for the dispensary and medical cannabis
  • Chlorine Free for a natural, clean-tasting paper without harmful content
  • Unbleached to smoke clean and great taste
  • Great for smoking adventures


    • Comes in cannabis or tobacco materials

2.       White Owl

Another best wraps to roll with in 2020 is the White Owl rolling papers. It’s a top-notch blunt wrap that stands out among competitors. For a fast and instant way to roll your hemp, White Owl is best. It offers the unique tastes of excellence to give you sweet flavors to enjoy your smoke. To use the white owl wraps, get a stick of cigarillos and empty the content, then fill in ground weed and you are good to go!


White owl wraps are like natural papers with dozens of different flavors to choose from. There are plain blunt wraps to give you a familiar look with the untouched feeling of your weed taste. Its amazing flavors offer exquisite taste to give every smoker a satisfying and enjoyable moment.


  • Perfect ratio of cost and value
  • Quality of the wraps
  • Great Taste


  • May Burn Fast

3.      Backwoods

Another great blunt wrap you want to try out this year is the Blackwoods wrapping papers. Great smoking flavors and tastes come from carefully selected smoke, and you should consider the Blackwoods wrap among the best choices to make.


It’s an all-natural wrapping paper for your blunt. Also, it serves tobacco and other herbs smokers. This product is made from an exotic tobacco leaf to give your blunt the distinctive tobacco aroma. Unlike other equally excellent blunt wraps, Blackwoods is excellent for first-timers and veteran smokers. Using Blackwoods for hemp smoking gives the traditional tobacco smokers the familiar environment to adjust to the high beat of smoke.


  • You can find some exciting flavors
  • Perfect for the first time smokers
  • Made from 100% natural materials


  • Some might find the tobacco taste undesirable

4.      RAW Rolling Papers – Organic Hemp Slim

If you want a genuinely vegan-grade blunt wrap, RAW Rolling Papers will meet your desire. It is celebrated as the world’s first organic wrap because RAW goes through very minimal processing, unlike its natural cousins. Do you want the blunt wrap to give a worry-free smoking time? Choose RAW!


It’s a very low burning rolling paper, and it’s clean too! The wrap acquires its organic name because it stands as the purest of all-natural wraps. RAW is organically grown, eco-friendly and minimally processed to eliminate all forms of toxicity. The rolling paper is chlorine-free with hemp-based gum to produce the classic raw natural papers best for rolling in 2019.


  • It devoid of unpleasant taste found in most bleached papers
  • Translucent Ultra Thin rolling paper
  • Pure hemp Paper and natural hemp gum
  • 100% vegan-friendly and additive-free


  • Tad and a bit slippery to roll by hand

5.      OCB Premium Rolling Papers

If years experience and sustainable quality is what makes you go for a product, OCB premium wrap has it all! The wrap history dates back to the mid-1800s in France and continues doling out exceptional quality wraps to date.


Considering its age and experience, OCB qualifies as the gold standard for blunt rolling. Its rolled joints are slow-burning, with exquisite flavor that gives the smokers the perfect high experience desired! OCB wraps are available in a variety of sizes. The papers are easy to use and completely gimmick-free.


  • Nice white color
  • Gold standard papers
  • Slow burning


  • No downside found


Windy City Cigar never disappoints and continues to fly at high frequency in the smoke business. Cursory navigation of our store will prove the claim of our being a one-stop-shop for smokers. We have wraps and quality smoke accessories to keep you company all day long.

There are different brands of wraps out there. Before we present a product, we ensure it meets all standard safety procedures to keep you free of harm! Feel free to choose from the five best wraps to roll with in 2019 and beyond!