Butane for BHO – Butane Hash Oil vs. CO2

Butane Refill for BHO

Butane Refill for BHO

There is a growing trend in the United States within the marijuana community and it’s called BHO or Butane Hash Oil. Typically butane is used to refill a torch lighter, but in recent years its morphed into much more and it’s got a bad rap at times vs. CO2.

The main drawback to using CO2 for extraction is that it’s under high pressure and it strips the plant completely, where butane does not. Butane for BHO has molecules that not only dissolve cannabinoids but also the whole spectrum of light meaning the end product will still have that smell for that strain if you use BHO as your means of extraction. One top expert said, “To recreate oil that truly resembles the bud it came from, you need a solvent capable of capturing that whole spectrum of terpenes without damaging them.”

The concentrate industry has looked at CO2 as a way of making more money, because since their producing a homogeneous end product there is no reason to use great weed because its strips everything but the THC. Thus consumers should be leery of hash vendors how use this method. Top experts say, “Unless they’re reintroducing native terpenes like we do at Acme, which most companies are not doing, they’re branding something that doesn’t exist. You’re not getting the feeling of a specific strain you’re just getting the feeling of THC.”

Even though the future of marijuana itself is not sure there is a chance that BHO will replace CO2 as the preferred concentrate. For now let’s keep the teenagers away from CO2 and propane tanks.

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