Butane Refill – Hash Oil’s Main Ingredient

Butane Refill

Portland, OR – It was six months since a house in Northeast Portland shattered violently across its neighborhood killing two people. Local police have informed us that the explosion was due to illegally cooking butane hash oil, where the end results was one severe. For most consumers a 300 ml can of Butane Refill will last several years, but for those who dabble in the illegal hash oil business they’re using butane refill by the case from local stores, head shops, or online in specific States.

It was completely blown away, all walls were down, even the foundation was blown up,” said Joseph Luiz, a detective with the Portland Police Bureau.

It felt like I was walking into a war zone,” said neighbor Ed Kaiel. The blast rocked his home across the ally. The debris and the force from the blast blew in the garage door, blew it off the rails.”

Even though this happened awhile ago, experts say this sort of threat with a deadly hash oil explosion could happen today and possibly next door to you.

Luiz says, “More amateurs are cooking hash oil, using a butane refill to extract the oil from the part of the marijuana plant that is normally thrown away. It’s a highly flammable, heavy gas that ignites with something as simple as static electricity”.

If the gas to air ratio is just right, within this range, and an ignition source is available, and that ignition source by the way can be as simple as static electricity, walking across the carpeted floor for example, could cause that thing to blow,” said Luiz. “I think it’s a huge problem, I mean the potential for destruction is just amazing.”

The main reason for this is that hash oil is very strong and as close to pure THC as you can get. It’s in high demand (no pun) and can be bought online in some States and for other folks their simply trying to make their own. The places their doing this in range from a Gas station bathroom, parked vehicle, motor home, apartment complex…..all over the place.

Over 400 cans of Butane refill were found at the house that exploded in Portland, where buying it takes only 5 minutes with no questions asked.

Luiz says, There’s an enormous amount of it being sold, so you can assume that an enormous amount of it is being produced somewhere in your neighborhood.”

Portland detective McGraw says it might be time for lawmakers to consider the abundant sales of butane. “If they could limit sales, I think that would be just like taking ephedrine away from the meth production.”

But like anything bad going on until something is changed its very likely that hash oil cooking is going to continue and likely more explosions will continue to happen all over the country. For those like Ed Kaiel who saw his neighborhood blow up and never realized it could happen to him he states, “The best advice may be, to keep a close eye on what’s going on. “I think people need to know who their neighbors are and pay attention.”

Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars