Cigar and pipe smoking: Safer than cigarettes?

Cigar smoking is not certainly good for you, however they are considerably better than cigarettes. The smoke of cigarettes is inhaled via your lungs and the additives are taken in your bloodstream that can cause harm to your heart, liver, kidneys and skin. Cigars do not contain any additives and therefore are not inhaled. People who smoke cigars occasionally (maybe once or twice in a week) can yet function actively on a daily basis without having heart problems. In addition, getting addicted to cigars is very less. Cigar smokers might think they will not have any negative health effects due to tobacco use, nevertheless the fact is that cigarette, pipe and cigar smoking could all lead to cancer. All of them contain tobacco, which causes cancer and all of them contain nicotine, which causes dependency and addiction. The most up-to-date research states that more than 430000 persons die in a year due to tobacco use in the United States. But one can avoid health hazards by smoking no more than one cigar per day. And cigars should all the times be smoked outdoors as you will be able to not inhale the smoke which is less harmful to your lungs. Using tobacco brands like Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco and OHM Pipe Tobacco will help you avoid health issues.

The difference between a cigarette and cigar is that a cigarette is a roll of tobacco covered with paper or some other non-tobacco material while a cigar is roll of tobacco cut wrapped or covered in leaf tobacco or any other product of tobacco. Natural cigarettes are produced without any flavorings or chemical extracts, using only full tobacco leaves instead of scrap tobacco or reconstituted sheet. The only possible benefit to natural cigarettes appears to happen to be an earth-friendly one, as fewer chemical byproducts arise from their production and a number of natural cigarette firms make their tobacco organically. In spite of this, natural cigarettes even so pose a major health risk. Smoking cigars might have the repute of being less damaging as majority of cigar smokers are merely “occasional” users, and a good number of them, while puffing don’t inhale the smoke inside their lungs. Though, with regular use, cigar smoking can be as harmful as cigarette smoking. Even if a cigar smoker does not inhale, the chemicals in the smoke touch the mouth, tongue, lips, larynx and throat. The probability of getting addicted to cigars is too a worry. Addictions to Cigars can cause health hazards with long-term usage, dependence, and also have a financial influence on the smoker. However, if you want to smoke cigars and pipe, use good quality tobacco products like Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco and Southern Steel Tobacco.

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