Cigar Bands: Do they have to be kept on or off while smoking

After buying cigars at best cigar prices, many cigar fans wonder what the band is all about. Well, the cigar band is the attractive bit of paper that is typically wrapped around the cigar’s head. The main purpose of the band is to ascertain the brand of the cigar. The band was invented by a man known as Gustave Bock. During the period of mid-1800s, Gustave Bock found out that his cigars that were made in Havana, were being imitated by other manufacturers. During those times, the cigars were put on the market plain without any band or cellophane. Therefore, in order to tell apart between his original cigars from the fakes, Bock made a decision to put bands around his cigars. This way, every person could make out which is the real cigar and which is the replica. For instance, in the case of Macanudo Cigars, you can clearly distinguish them by their band.   

Bock’s tale gives the impression of being practical, however, this is not the lone single theory of cigar bands. If you have ever observed in the movies, where rich people wear white gloves, it was believed that cigars would pigment the gloves. So, some people think that bands were formulated in order to maintain the gloves clean and nice. Whether you wish to wear white-colored gloves while smoking your favored cigars like the Arturo Fuente Cigars or not completely depends on you, but then again, must the bands keep on the stogie? As such, there is no regulation that needs to be followed, and if you observe all over, you will perhaps see that most of the cigar smokers leave the band on or in any case in the starting when it is not obstructing. There are some reasons for this. First of all, the cigar bands normally appear nice and they also could be a dialogue starter with other cigar aficionados. However, there are certain people who argue that keeping the ban on is a sign of show off. But, it should not bother you. Secondly, by getting rid of the band from the cigar prior to lighting the cigar may possibly be problematic, and you could possibly crack the cigar’s wrapper while doing so. However, if you keep the cigar’s band intact and smoke your cigar, the glue of the band will sooner or later get heated and turn out to be much easier to remove it.

The best reason why you should keep the band of the cigar on is that by doing so, you will not impair the delicate leaf of the wrapper. The glue could rip the wrapper leaf and ruin your entire cigar smoking experience. Rarely does the band fall, however it does happen sometimes. Therefore, there is no affirmative or negative answer to the cigar band discussion. It actually depends on the user on how they decide on to handle their cigars.

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