Cigar Wrapper

A cigar wrapper is an object of utmost importance when it comes to experiencing a fine cigar. Before choosing and actually smoking a particular cigar, it is quite important to comprehend how various wrappers affect the smoke and its flavor. Since there are several types of cigar wrappers, it is only natural that each one offers a different experience.

Would you be able to point out the differences between a Maduro and a Claro wrapper? Or could you highlight the characteristics of a Colorado wrapper? Over the following lines, we will point out the unique properties of each type of wrapper and, in addition to that, we will get into detail in regard to the wrapper’s contribution in experiencing a cigar. This way, you will get a clearer idea on what suits your preferences best.

Oscuro: These special wrappers are made of tobacco leaves that adorn the tip of the actual plant. Oscuro wrappers are very dark, some actually say they’re black, and can seem quite harsh. This type of cigar wrapper is usually the choice of a more experienced smoker.

Double Claro: This wrapper has a sweet taste, thus ensuring that the entire experience of indulging in a fine cigar is more pleasant. Nevertheless, since the light-green Double Claro cigar wrappers are not widely used, they cannot be found with great ease.

Colorado: The Colorado wrapper is colored in brown with some red shades and it is cultivated in shade, thus leading to a thinner leaf. Nevertheless, it is not a type of wrapper that should be underestimated, as it still is able to hold up both prior and during savoring a fine cigar.

Claro: Differing from the Double Claro, this wrapper has a light tan color with shades of brown, actually resembling the Colorado. One of the highlights of the Claro wrapper is its mildness, especially in comparison to several other kinds of cigar wrappers.

Maduro: The color palette for this type of wrapper ranges from brown to black. The Maduro wrapper offers a sublimely smooth taste. Lighting it with a butane torch lighter activates the benefits of a prolonged curing process, thus ensuring that indulging in a smoke is going to be a remarkably enjoyable experience.

Naturally, there are many other types of cigar wrappers available on the market. For instance, you can find Colorado Maduro ones, Colorado Claro wrappers and quite a handful of other known types. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned cigar wrappers are the most sought-after ones. Using the right type of wrapper can have an enormous contribution to your entire smoking experience, in a similar manner to how opting for the appropriate choice from several butane torch lighters influences the pleasantness of your smoke.

Finding the type of cigar wrapper that is right for you can be an enjoyable journey, during which you can come to experience a variety of different cigar brands from all across the globe.