Dazzle Your Lady this Valentine’s Day Including with that Special Premium Cigar

The day that strikes absolute holy terror in the hearts of men who have either not realized: anything inside a blue box from Tiffany’s is a sure winner, barring this, the usual stuff: chocolates, roses, Dom Perignon. lingerie (no that’s not for her), etc. may not really make her day.?

Your in a pinch; here are some last minute things you can do to make her day special – be creative when/where you can and go all in and make this day memorable.

Who doesn’t like French Toast coupled with champagne? It’s homemade, exoctic and involves some TLC labor around time in the kitchen.

The best knock her socks off recipe for French Toast is always going to be Creme Brulee and the link to this New York Times recipe is a winner. And breakfast in bed is always going to be a winner and don’t forget a flower or two on the tray.

Champagne is in most cases going to be a hit. Do you need Dom Perignon? Not necessarily; it’s going a winner but if your in a pinch and your shopping at the supermarket then go with a bottle north of $30-50 bucks, anything less is not gonna resonate with her. Or, if you are looking for something stronger “Sinatra Select” by Jack Daniels is a sure fire hit.


Go “deep and long” with the Netflix queue and we forget Dr. Zhivaco and check out “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” – why it rocks: it features a dazzling younger Helen Mirren in a one of a kind dark comedy with a torture scene that involves books and force feeding. If she doesn’t like then you will at least get some points for the creative attempt.?

Got kids!? Three words: farm em out for the day and do things that will make the day special: draw her a bath, cook her favorite meal for her, clean the house for God’s sakes if this makes her day. Don’t take our word for it BTW, ask her what would make her day special and make sure words of love with meaning are on the drawing board.?

Write something original that shows you care for her. No, this is not a text from your phone. Look at the great job Erin Carr did writing about her Dad after he passed away with a hear rendering piece about what made him special to her. This can be a long form poem, but if your writing skills are limited then go short with a haiku.


Go deep (we mean really deep) into your humidor and pull out a premium cigar that you have been saving for yourself and pay it forward and tell her you want share it with her and you might want to pair it with a shot or two of Grand Marnier (warmed properly) or brandy if that’s going to resonate with her.?

Poetry with depth and pathos shared with her in an intimate way is always a good thing. Here is a link to some of the best poems of all time and sure if you have the funds and time a first edition book of poetry is a “silver box memory” that’s probably going to be handed down for generations.?

But if your budget and timeline don’t allow for this find a poem that’s going to resonate and read it to her at the right moment in the day or night. Timing is everything and we can’t define this for you.

Chocolate is always going to be a hit and if you pair it with some Baileys Irish Cream you are enhancing the experience, although this is a lot of sweetness in one place in time, so spread it out during the night.?

But, lest we sound too boring by “chocolate” we mean something that’s high quality and you will get extra points for knowing what she likes and picking out a box that shows you are paying attention when she tells you what’s special and what isn’t.