Different Categories of Cigar Wrappers

You may have tried one of your preferred cigars such as the nub cigars and some other cigars by now and pondering what the dissimilarity is among the various kinds of cigar wrappers. Even, cigar novices often are curious about wrappers. You will notice that that every cigar brand be it la finca cigars or any other brand has a distinctive appearance because of the wrapper colors. However, the wrappers do not play a role in the appearance only but different wrappers give a diverse smoking experience. Now let us look at the different shades of wrappers currently available before you visit the cigar store to buy a cigar:  

Lighter Shade Wrappers

Connecticut: These wrappers are widespread. They are shade-grown in Ecuador or in the U.S. from the Connecticut seed. The Connecticut wrappers offer a milder flavor. They offer a pepper, grass, coffee, cream, cedar and butter flavor. They tend to have a spicy aroma.

Candela: These wrappers have light green shade, which is because of the chlorophyll in the leaves. They have a leafy smell and this wrapper offers pepper, grass, sweet or cedar flavor. The Candela wrapper gives a smooth smoke and gives a mild or medium strength.

Natural: Also known as English Market Selection, they are normally a tad darker than the Connecticut wrappers. The Natural hints of this wrapper are sweetness, spice, coffee, cedar and bread.

Medium Shade Wrappers

Criollo: It is a Spanish word, which means native. They have been used since the 15th century. They have a powerful effect. The notes associated with Criollo wrappers are sweetness, pepper, nuts, cocoa, cedar and Bread.

Sumatra: The Sumatra tobacco is labelled after the Indonesian island, Sumatra where it was initially created. At present, it comes through Honduras and Ecuador. These wrappers are sweeter. They offer earth, floral and cinnamon notes.

Corojo: The Corojo leaves begun in Cuba initially. Nowadays, they hail from Honduras. You can identify these wrappers by the reddish-brown shade they have. Moreover, they are quite oily. The Corojo wrappers give a full-bodied strength with a spicy smoke. Some of the notes include leather, earth, cocoa, cedar and black pepper.

Habano: From all the medium shade wrappers, the Habano is the darkest and spiciest as well. They are developed from the Cuban seed, which is why they can compete with the spiciness of Cuban Cigars. The Habano wrappers are actually meant for the more experienced cigar smokers who search for cigars that give a powerful spicy effect. Some of the flavors of this wrapper include leather, espresso, cocoa, cedar and bread.

Darker Shade Wrappers

Rosado: Rosado is a Spanish term and indicates the reddish color of this wrapper. The Rosado leaves are rare as they are not easy to grow anywhere else than Cuba. They are very much in demand. You will get a spicy smoke with this wrapper. The notes that you will find with this wrapper are cedar, coffee and earth.

Cameroon: This wrapper is from Cameroon, an African country. They are smooth and rich and offer notes of leather, toast, butter and black pepper.

Maduro: It means “mature” in Spanish and these are quite dark. These wrappers are aged for a long time, which is why they are flavorful and sweet. The notes to be expected from this wrapper are molasses, dried fruit, dark chocolate, caramel, coffee, cherry, brown sugar and black pepper.

Oscuro: These wrappers are dark and are typically sweeter, richer and little stronger. 

Types of Tobacco Wrappers