DIY Customization is Impacting More than the Roll Your Own Pipe Tobacco Culture

It’s absolutely no secret we are all moving into a world where consumers are embracing mass customization products to stand out from the selfie driven herd of folks holding smartphones in hand while driving or taking a shower (for God’s sake don’t).

We all want custom products including RYO pipe tobacco blends, cigars (with personalized labels), wine, booze, the list is endless. Today it’s virtually anything and everything you as a consumer can think up or a marketer on the hunt for incremental revenue.

This trend started back in the day when Levis started making one off custom products, credit card companies started putting your pet on your Visa card, M&Ms let you order custom colors and today Starbucks will make just about anything you can dream up, no matter how weird the concoction is.

One of a kind customization is true for roll your own (RYO) aficionados as well. Today you can buy your own electric or manual cigarette rolling machine, source pipe tobacco with every flavor under the sun: vanilla, blueberry, cherry, orange, strawberry, etc. It’s a RYO world – you are no longer tied to the corporate umbilical cord using products created and designed by product marketers.

It’s not just a customize Pipe Tobacco RYO world: there is a company in Switzerland that will generate a list of names for your baby and it’s not cheap. Erfolgswell based in Switzerland has fourteen “naming experts” a group of translators on call and four history geeks for researching names.

It’s not cheap; the average “well off” parent is paying about $25-35K per pop for a list of about 15-25 names for your bundle of joy otherwise known as a child.?

So you like to smoke a premium cigar now and then and you want to impress your friends with your sophistication. Well Custom Wine Source has that special blend of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay; log in, give them your credit card number, create your own custom label and you are good to go. Your friends will think you are a mogul like Richard Branson.

It’s not just RYO tobacco products, wine or cigars either, it’s anything you can conceptualize. Zazzle sells tens of thousands of different products, all with some level of customization. Stand out with your own cigar, glass of wine and then hand them a Tshirt with your likeness as they walk in the door for your next gathering of friends and family.

As a tobacconist and online retailer we manufacturer (tiny plug) our own Au Naturelle OHM Tobacco and we offer different sizes and blends catered to every roll your own tobacco enthusiast. And, like many, try to provide excellence in customer service as a way to grow our business.

Legalization of Marijuana is a topic we can’t tackle in any practical sense. But legalization and mass customization is the order of the day here too. You can now walk into a “cannabis lounge” in Colorado and order just about any type of custom blend to suit your taste buds. High Times Magazine predicted this 30 years ago and they were right.

So as we all march into this world of mass customization together remember to be nice to each other and share that premium cigar. bottle of wine or whatever product you’ve customized for yourself with whoever you are hanging with at a moment in time. #payitforward