Eight Common Misconceptions about Premium Cigars

There are so many myths about cigars that get repeated over and over again in social circle and even via social media. Many of them are just that, “myths” and don’t believe what you hear. Our short list ever premium cigar smoker should be aware of.

Expecting every cigar to taste the same from the same box. Not every going to happen. You are smoking a hand made product that blends unique products (filler tobacco, wrapper, etc.) with a manufacturing process that necessitates a finite number of processes that will also impact the flavor of a specific cigar.? Expect some variations when smoking premium cigars.

Thinking fine premium cigars will improve with age like a fine Pinoit Noir – this is an urban myth too. Cigars don’t improve with age and depending on how and where they are stored, just the opposite may occur. Over time they may lose some of their flavor as the tobacco dries out, especially if they are not stored in a humidor that’s good quality: maintaining a consistent temperature and level of humidity.?

Holding that stick in your mouth and clenching it between your teeth like Al Capone. Never a good idea. You are destroying the head of the cigar, getting the tobacco too moist and no offense meant but you are going to look like a cigar newby, not a seasoned cigar smoker who knows what they are doing.?

Thinking Cuban cigars are still the defacto best smoking cigars in the world. Like everything else around us, cigars and cigar manufacturing are a global business and you can find some stellar cigars made using Dominican tobacco and other tobacco sourced from a wide variety of countries.?

Are Cuban smokes and tobacco great? Absolutely and now that the trade embargo has been lifted with Cuba you can expect a lot more choice and variety with Cuban cigars on the market. But don’t just lock in on a Cuban cigar(s) as the best and only brand in the world.

Dipping your stick in booze or any flavoring agent is never going to be a good thing. A cigar was made with specific finite ingredients, with an end game in mind from the cigar manufacturer that’s going to deliver a very specific taste experience.?

When you dip a cigar in liquor you are negating some of the delicacies that are meant to be part of the smoking experience. Don’t do it; it’s kind of a newby thing to do, similar to putting that cigar between your teeth and walking around.?

Locking in on one cigar brand “forever” is not going to be a good thing as you move forward in life. Live large and once you have a favorite cigar brand try some other cigar brands to contrast your taste and smoking experience. When you smoke cigars, like much of life, variety really is the spice of life and you will learn a lot more about cigars as you sample different brands as you broaden your tastes.?

Don’t assume all machine made cigars are no longer any good. Some are well made products and yes, most do not offer the same taste experience as a premium cigar. But, you may enjoy tossing in a machine made cigar into your smoking “experience” as you move through life.?

You are getting a very specific taste experience that is somewhat dissimilar from a premium cigar. But you can find good quality machine made cigars that will broaden your taste experiences.?

Some cigar smokers swear by inhaling cigar smoke as broadening the taste experience. We don’t advocate doing this. A cigar is not a cigarette and it’s not designed to be smoked like one. If you want to treasure cigar smoke just hold it in your mouth for 3-5 seconds and then let it out. That’s really all you need to do. And, inhaling cigar smoke is probably going to make some of your a tad on the nauseous side; again, a cigar is not made for inhaling.