Electric Cigarette Machines are Reshaping Tobacco Consumption

We are in living in an age of new horizons when tastes for food, booze, pipe tobacco, premium cigars and exoctic drinks are as unlimited as the evolving “face” of Americas demographics.?

Today’s culture reflects an ever-changing tastes and fusion (read: mashup) of flavors, lifestyle and products not seen before and not the boring old “do it the old way……” See: music, movies, food, booze, pipe tobacco products and last but not least, a world where the smartphone selfie is as ubiquitous as telephone booths once were.

In this age of convenience the American consumer is looking for automation as way to save time, impart efficiency and save time to take more “selfies” (see above). Of the five 1.5 million Apps for the iPhone (case in point) over 300K of them are apps focused on enhancing your productivity. You can’t argue with success right??

We live in the age of machines and algorithms. When you are using Google Search or Maps to understand the quickest route with traffic delays, even scenic elements to your destination you are using a predictive analysis algorithm thanks to a machine.?

And, when you talk to Siri or use a Google Voice entry on your phone the speech recognition is based on machine learning; your sounds are really machine processed.?

And, status updates on Facebook could not be done without the help of a machine using an algorithm – Facebook knows how to distinguish that Lady Gaga pic vs. a “wannabe” image from a prankster thanks to image recognition software that sorts through billions of images.

Let’s talk about electric cigarette machines used for DIY cigarettes produced at home or for “any other substance.” You only need to assess four key metrics for assessing an electric cigarette rolling machine.?

The actual materials (components and core construction) used can trump every thing else. Whatever you are grinding, rolling or processing, core materials: aluminum, steel, plastic or some combination of all determine the overall quality of the product. We recommend machines that are made from any material other than plastic, if you have a budget for a more expensive well made rolling machine – you can find a good one for under $100.

Design is baked into every element of our world and it’s the same for an electric rolling machine (or manual). Some machines are more cumbersome than others and it’s hard stuffing pipe tobacco into the feed mechanism; or worse, they jam frequently.

arnold smoking a premium cigar

Going with a manual rolling machine or electric and this goes to your production needs. Each month we sell a great deal of the Mikromatic Machine by Top-O-Matic, as it’s low cost, extremely durable (made with industrial grade steel) and it looks great, with a polished chrome handle and an easy to use.?

  • That hyperlink goes to a 20 second demon via our YouTube channel. But, if you are trying to save money (who isn’t?) buying bulk pipe tobacco in combination with an electric rolling machine makes sense and you should check out the PowerMatic II Machine Injector (which is under $100 bucks) or the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine by Top-O-Matic (which is also under $100).

A manufacturer’s warranty is not typically an issue with electric rolling machines; 99% of all machines come with a one year parts and labor warranty and this is an industry standard metric and you would be hard pressed to find a machine with any better warranty than this.?

Speaking of Selecting an Electric Cigarette Machine: Basics about Pipe Tobacco You Should Know

Most modern pipe tobacco blends originate with Virginia tobacco – around 70% of all pipe tobacco is grown in Virginia due to properties found in this pipe tobacco: has a somewhat delicate almost fruit like flavor with a hint of sweetness, smokes mild with no harsh aftertastes and it’s aromatic.?

Spice tobacco reflects the desire of consumers who want a customized blend. It’s not a single source pipe tobacco, it’s really a blend of 2-3 types of pipe tobacco and you can get just about any flavor blend under the sun: vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, honey, cherry, etc.

Burley tobacco comes in a distant second to VA tobacco. Burley really means “air cured” – the curing is done in large open barns, ensuring air moves over the tobacco as it ages. Burley tobacco leaves can range from ?light brown to a much darker mahogany. Like any pipe tobacco, as you smoke Burley it’s going to have a milder taste at the outset but strengthening over time and if it’s a good product may have hints of granola, caramel or even oatmeal.

Cavendish is not a reference to a specific type of pipe tobacco but a process of curing and a method of cutting tobacco leaf; the process is used to enhance the natural sweetness and characteristics of most Virginia tobacco leaves.

We hope this blog post was insightful about assessing and choosing an electric cigarette rolling machine, with a touch of history in the introduction and some of the basics you should be aware of as you assess and select pipe tobacco for your brand new money saving electric cigarette machine.