Ferrari Cars Teams Up With Cohiba Cigars

Well it?s finally happened. Cohiba cigars has now attained cult status in the flagship brands of the Cuban cigar industry. One of the leading Cuban cigar makers Cohiba has teamed up with world famous luxury car maker Ferrari to let its cigar lovers enjoy a ?classic smoke? in the car. This is an innovative and exclusive in car humidor coined the Cohiba Car Edition. The Cohiba in-car cigar humidor was designed as eloquent and fashioned with modern ?Ferrari-Centric? it has a smooth yellow finish and tire tread-like side panels, which protects it with rubber and its rugged and durable.

Both the Ferrari F430 and 599 GTB has tested the Cohiba in-car humidor and the slick unit requires no special installation. It has a drawer mechanism that is operated by a button and holds a humidification area within its cedar interior. It is created to ?Velcro? to the floor of the Ferrari Supercar?s trunk or cabin floor-board and is sized to securely hold 12 Cohiba Dominican Double Corona cigars (up to 15 other Cohiba cigars) making for an enjoyable time motoring about. The Cohiba Car Edition humidor includes an external hygrometer and a metal 2 cigar carrying case for those times you need to go portable.

The Cohiba-Ferrari Humidor is priced around $800 and can be purchased at several online cigar websites.

Cohiba-Ferrari Humidor Size:

Outer: L x W x H

37cm (14.5″) x 23cm (9″) x 8cm (3.2″)
Inner: L x W x H

19cm (7.5″) x 13cm (5.2″) x 45cm (1.8″)

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