Fire Evacuations Lead to Illegal Butane Fuel Hash Oil Lab

Shortly after 11 am Wednesday the Santa Barbara County sheriff?s investigators responded to a home in the 2200 block of Bella Vista Drive. They were initially responding to a mandatory evacuation due to the raging fires in California when they came upon an illegal marijuana butane hash oil extraction lab.

The sheriffs department was notified by local firefighters who were patrolling the area providing assistance to the several structures. The firefighters said they noticed multiple items in plain sight that they felt were related to a butane hash oil extraction lab.

Sheriffs investigators had very little time to get a warrant to search the home due to the fire nearby that was heading their way. Once they were able to get inside the home they seized about 300 to 500 pounds of marijuana, several butane refill cans, 15 to 20 pounds of hash and other related items.

After the investigators seized everything they quickly left the house, where the firefighters stayed to protect the empty structure, sheriff?s officials stated. Detectives are working diligently on finding out who is linked to this operation.

Sheriff?s officials stated in a press release, The extraction of butane hash oil requires the use of extremely flammable fuels, which can explode and injure people and destroy residences. These cases of fuel were left at the residence in the path of the oncoming fire making the situation even more volatile and dangerous.”

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