Five Best of Class Products for Every Roll Your Own Tobacco Smoker

As a roll your own tobacco smoker you have endless options for smoking products and accessories but here is our short list of must have tobacco products for every RYO smoker.

Power up your tobacco rolling capabilities with the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine by Top-O-Matic. Your busy and this electric cigarette machine will impart more efficiency to your cigarette rolling, save money (you won’t waste as much tobacco), it’s portable, easy to clean, works flawlessly and using this powerful machine, you can roll 30-50 cigarettes in the time it took you to create a half dozen cigarettes the old fashioned way (by hand).?

Plus this great electric cigarette machine is always on sale here at Windy City Cigars. Check out our prices on this machine and 2,500 other RYO tobacco products.?

If you are smoking premium cigars or even good quality machine made cigars you should protect your investment by storing all your sticks in a good quality humidor.

Forget the fridge: it’s never going to end well. Use a good quality humidor and your cigars will taste better, last a lot longer and you won’t be wasting your money on good cigars and then tossing them into a closet, where they will dry out on you and the taste will always go downhill in a matter of weeks.

You don’t need to spend the proverbial “arm and a leg” on a cigar humidor. You can spend around a hundred bucks or less and get a good quality product. Just check out our humidor section and know that we always have humidors on sale and in stock (all major brands). And, if we don’t have a cigar humidor you are looking for or any RYO tobacco product or premium cigar pick up the phone and call our toll free number – we are all about helping new and existing customers!

Every RYO tobacco smoker should know how to DIY your own tobacco at home to create that one of a kind flavor that’s going to make that smoke after the barbecue party a great tasting experiment.

Whether you like Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Peppermint Schnapps or just a cool Vanilla taste in your tobacco it’s all possible to do if you just follow our simple how to video on making your own tobacco blend at home. You don’t need fancy products or ingredients to whip up a batch a home!

There is no better cooler for that picnic on the go than the old standby: Coleman. You want to be good to go on any excursion with a big family or large group of friends check out the Coleman 200 Quart HP H20 with Optimaxx Insulation – beer, potato salad, deviled eggs, just about anything you need to keep cool for the duration will last a long time with this behemoth cooler.

It gets the job done…….. Fire up four wheel drive, toss in the 200 Quart Coleman and you will have chilled beers for the duration: the beach, mountains or the neighborhood party. #bringit

Your firing up a premium cigar and you are reaching for the kitchen scissors, or worse yet, thinking about biting the tip off with your teeth just like Leo did in the Revenant. Just don’t. Check out our fine selection of cigar cutters, from economical to high end we have you covered. Your friends will be impressed with your sophistication and your cigar smoking experience will be much better by trimming that stick properly.?

Thanks for stopping by and visiting web site. Our online tobacco superstore for the DIY smoker features over 2,500 RYO friendly products and our prices are the best in the world, we ship in most cases the same day we receive your order and due to our Midwest location we get products into your hands fast…….