Five Great Products To Get the RYO Smoker in Your Life

No RYO tobacco smoker who is smoking more than ten cigarettes per day wants to roll them by hand. A perfect gift for any RYO tobacco smoker is either a manual or an electric cigarette machine which will save them time, help them to leverage their tobacco consumption and have more free time.?

Your initial decision is whether or not to go with a manual or electric cigarette machine. The former are 20-40% cheaper, can be used anywhere but they are more labor intensive to operate and cigarette production is pretty limited.?

A great manual cigarette machine (especially if you are on a budget) that we recommend is the Swift Portable Cigarette Machine. It’s well made, low cost (under $50 bucks), durable, comes with an industry standard warranty and can be used anywhere and on any surface.?

If you want to buy a machine that is electric than we would recommend the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine?

If it’s that special time of the year for your wife or hubby we could not think of a better gift than a box Rocky Patel Cigars. Your brand choices (tastes and blends) are just about infinite with Rocky Patel Cigars and you can’t go wrong with any of these sticks.?

  • Rocky Patel cigars are based in Nicaragua and known for making a quality cigar, using excellent quality tobacco, great wrappers and an attention to detail unrivaled in the industry.?
  • This is truly a storied cigar brand and any recipient of a gift box of these cigars is going to be happy.

While we are on the topic of premium cigars we would like to suggest another product that will be well received by any premium cigar smoker.The Cigar Caddy 40 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor enables any cigar smoker to take up to 60 sticks on the road with them and know they are protected in just about any circumstances, wet or dry.?

  • And, if that special someone likes bright colors the dayglow orange container is always going to stand out in a crowd.?
  • The airtight waterproof container lets the on the go cigar smoker travel with a summer’s supply (assuming they don’t smoke 5-10 cigars a day) of premium cigars stored properly.?

Bear Gryls would like this box: here’s why:

  • Holds up to 40 Churchill Cigars
  • Made from Super Strong ABS Molded Plastic; this humidor will take a beating and still protect the cigars in the humidor.
  • Floats on water: your gift recipient is on the Colorado River in Yellowstone and this box goes in the water they are still smokeable.
  • Airtight seal that keeps out moisture.
  • Crushproof and waterproof to 100 feet deep
  • Crushproof
  • Case can withstand temperature range -10? to 175? Fahrenheit
  • 2 Removable/Replaceable Locking Clasps
  • Stainless Steel Latch Hinges
  • ‘Pressure Lock’ Air Release Knob
  • Molded Lock Ring for Added Security
  • 1 QI F75 Humidifier in Lid
  • Custom Urethane Foam Protects Cigars
  • Sleek Matte Finish Design

So, that’s our short list of five great products any RYO tobacco or cigar smoker will treasure. And, if these products don’t pique your curiosity or don’t fit well with your budget then give us a call and we will be happy to throw out some more suggestions for you. Thanks for stopping by!