Five Great Tasting Flavored Cigars and Cigarillos

Pipe tobacco flavors are always changing, driven partially by the voracious demand of consumers who want a new flavor of the month and/or by pipe tobacco manufacturers who are trying to create something out of left field that’s going to take the flavored cigar or cigarillo market by storm. 

As a discerning vendor we are always looking for new flavors that will intrigue our customers; here is our short list of pipe tobacco flavored cigarilos you may want to check out. 

For all of you chocolate lovers out there Swisher Sweets Chocolate Cigarillos (15 awesome cigarillos per box) are going to go fine with any after dinner desert wine or a good time when you want something out of the ordinary to whet your taste buds. 

  • Swisher Sweets got their start in the good old wild west days back in the 1800’s when David Swisher started selling cigars out of the back of a wagon with his sons helping out. He won the company in a gambling debt which has paid off in spades. Today, Swisher Sweets sells more cigars and cigarillos than just about any mainstream brand. 
  • These chocolate dipped (not literally) cigarillos are mild, but tasty, with a flavor packed taste of chocolate that’s going to linger on the taste buds as you fire one of these cigarillos up. #livelarge 

sight impaired seagull with no cigar in beak

While we are out there in the berry patch with you (metaphorically speaking) we would be remiss unless we brought up the great tasting Strawberry Swisher Sweets Cigarillos

  • These Swisher cigarillos are full of old time flavor kinda like back in the day when you could buy a box of strawberry goodness at the roadside stand for a couple of bucks and eat them all before you got home.
  • These cigarillos are sweet tasting, but not with a cloying “all in” sugar laden cheaper brands that leave you with a taste that’s harsh and not something you want to share in good company. 

While we are in the berry family; let’s assume you are looking for that familiar mild but fulfilling Swisher Sweets taste and you may want to take a walk in the wild side. 

Think about the great tasting Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillos White Grape – this is not a Napa Valley grape taste that’s going to knock your socks off like a rich red Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a somewhat subtle tasting cigarillo that’s subtle, smooth tasting and not too sweet. 

Last but not least while we are bragging about the Swisher Sweets family of cigarillos, think about the Swisher Sweets Blk Tip Cigarillo, one of the newest additions to this fine brand. 

Smoking these babies will not make you look like Clint Eastwood in “For a Few Dollars More” but, it will deliver a good smoking experience with a full bodied, but mild taste that Swisher Sweets is known for. 

How to Make Your Own Flavored Pipe Tobacco Right There in the Kitchen 

Some of you many not want to buy off the shelf flavored cigars or cigarillos, you want to make something at home that’s going to deliver a flavor packed experience all of your own. Here are the steps and processes you need to go through at home become your own “pipe tobacco maker.” 

Four Steps to Pipe Smoking DIY Heaven.

  1. Use an airtight container pulled straight out of the cabinets and use a very small amount of flavoring, whether its booze or an artificial flavor, go light on the latter.
  2. Mix the pipe tobacco and the flavoring agent and shake it thoroughly. 
  3. Always let your container sit for 12-36 hours, pop the lid part of the way into the process and take a sniff to ensure your flavoring is starting to mix with the tobacco.
  4. Remove a small amount of the flavored pipe tobacco from the container and let is sit for 3-6 hours so it will air out properly. 

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Here are a few tips we’d recommend if this is your first time making pipe tobacco at home: 

  • Use high quality flavoring agents; cheap booze is going to produce cheap pipe tobacco that will never taste that great and if you are using some other kind of flavoring use a high quality flavoring agent.

  • Use a small “experimental” container with small amounts of tobacco. Don’t go large with an ounce of pipe tobacco as your first attempt may yield mediocre results and you don’t want to ruin a large amount of tobacco.
  • You don’t need to pour a shot of booze into a moderate amount of pipe tobacco. A few drops should impart sufficient flavoring.
  • But if you have some aged pipe tobacco laying around the house? Don’t toss it. Revitalize it by mixing some good rum, whiskey, scotch or even try a drop or two of your favorite Schnapps in your home blend.
  • For you cowboys and cowgirls, snuff tins can make great containers too; but, be mindful of the snuff flavoring that was used in the original product as this can have residual effect and ruin your home blend. 

In the vast majority of cases a Burley type of tobacco won’t age as well as a Virginia; it’s just the nature of the beast. And, overall, pipe tobacco does not improve with age even if it is stored well. So, if you have it smoke it.

To summarize this post, our deals page lists all of our specials and promotions on Swisher Sweets Cigars and Cigarillos and most of the pipe tobacco brands we have on sale. Check em out and thanks for stopping by.