Five Great Tasting Premium Cigars

In this age of constantly shifting tastes and products every premium cigar smoker has their own preferences. But, like all things there are standards and then there are “real standards” you can’t go wrong with.?

Here are five great cigars you can whip out after a great meal, during a conversation with friends or pass around when you want to share with special friends. Prices vary of course and the last two high end cigars mentioned in this post are a little more exoctic.

Let’s start with a premium cigar that’s an standby smoke for an any stick aficionado: The Rock Patel Edge Torpedo is an absolute must have for your humidor. This is one of the strongest cigars on the market, so if you are new to smoking sticks probably not your best choice. It’s not a attack your palate blow you out of the water cigar; the strength and the taste build over time, as they should and it burns well with a great draw.

  • The Rocky Patel Edge really shows off the skills of Patel’s chief “cigarologist” Nestor Plasencia. It’s a full flavored complex tasting cigar, comes in two premium wrappers: the spicy Corojo leaf or the “over the top” rich maduro that’s as dark and oily as the bottom of an oil rig 1K feet down. Not for the fainthearted.

The Cohiba Corona was first sold back in the day in 1969. It’s a rich tasting cigar, with floral, coffee and even cocoa flavors. It’s not a Cuban Cigar as many think; the filler is tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, with? tobacco grown in the Jember Indonesia used for the binder and a full bodied wrapper grown in Cameroon.

  • Like the Rockiy Patel Edge, this cigar has a full rich taste but it doesn’t overwhelm you with the first puff, the taste builds over time and it goes well with any full bodied red wine or an elegant desert wine.?

Alec Bradley American Classic is made with a fine Nicaraguan tobacco, using classic traditional “Cuban methods” that underscore the qualities of cigars made back in the day in Cuba. It’s a mild cigar, with a mellow smooth taste that goes well after a lighter meal of fish and chicken and a chardonnay. Not so much with heavier meals and full bodied red wine.

  • It’s a classic well made cigar, using a gorgeous tasting Connecticut seed Honduran wrapper. It’s priced aggressively but there is not drop off in quality for this cigar vs. much more expensive sticks in the $200 range (per box). Provides a complex taste with notes of coffee, nuts and a slight woodsy after taste that lets you know this baby is well made.?

You are all in your cigar budget and you want to taste something that’s one of a kind: check out the PadrOn Serie 1962 80 Years. It’s going to set you back thirty bucks per cigar or $240 for a box of eight cigars. It’s named after the founder of the company, Jose Orlando and when this maestro hit eighty years young this cigar was introduced to the market. It’s hard to find; but, if you want something out of the ordinary try one.?

We love this cigar channel and Bryan Glenn’s Cigar Channel: he does some great review like this one and we feature him via our YouTube Channel.?

You just signed up with your bae for a NetJets trip to Kauai and you want both want something to smoke on the way over while then treat yourselves to a King of Denmark Cigar. Why do you want to smoke one of these babies? They are custom made and the company only makes thirty premium cigars per day. Call or text them and place an order and know you are smoking a stick like no other.

  • You want cigar bling? Then the King of Denmark is your go to cigar. You can get them made with Swarovski cyrstals and the standard cigar comes wrapped in gold foil with your name on it. But, like everything one of a kind in life, the personal branded high end stick will set you back $4,500. But: #YOLO right?

As always, thank you for reading our blog and we hope these five great cigar reviews were helpful, entertaining and informative.