Four Rocking Cigars for Your Next Summer Barbecue

Every cigar smoker has a short list of “go to cigars” he/she will pull out of the humidor for a special occasion. Our short list of five rocking cigars suitable for any occasion include tried and true cigar brands and a couple of new cigars that are priced well, smoke great and are suitable for any occasion. 

After a good meal, you can’t ever go wrong by pulling out a Avo Cigar and sharing one of these beauties with special friends and family. They aren’t cheap BTW; but, they are a great smoke and worth every penny you are going to pay for a box. Expect to pay under $200 bucks per box and you’ll thank yourself for purchasing a box of Avo Cigars – they come in a wide variety of sizes and blends. 

These lovely cigars are made with the best Nicaraguan tobacco in the world, bar none. You are going to get a smooth rich tobacco smoke that’s far and above the taste experience you’ll get with cheaper cigars. These are hand made cigars, with an attention to detail by the master cigar maker, Avo Uvezian who oversees every facet of the cigar manufacturing process. 

You just can’t ever go wrong by selecting a Rocky Patel Edge Cigar . It’s a classic great tasting cigar that’s easy on the price but long on taste; it burns smoothly, draws well, has great construction, uses top shelf filler tobacco and the wrappers are high quality. 

The Rocky Patel Battalion is a six inch beauty of a cigar, with a mild to medium taste, with complex flavors and a spicy end note. Made with a Connecticut wrapper, letting the natural flavors of the filler tobacco to shine through as you smoke it. Has a great draw and know when you light up a Rocky Patel Battalion you are firing up a mouthful of a cigar.

The Battalions large size (6 inches long and 60 gauge!) has a mild body that is packed with complex flavors and a spicy end. With the Connecticut wrapper, the flavors of the filler really shine through. the Rocky Patel Edge Battalion is not for the faint of heart, however. The Battalion is a Gordo. This cigar is a mouthful! of goodness that delivers great taste every time!

One of the greatest tasting cigars that consistently makes our short list is the Romeo y Juliieta Cigars, made instantly famous when Winston Churchill was seen smoking one of these fine sticks. Romeo y Julieta started making fine cigars in the late 1800’s – the name originates with Shakspeare’s play. 

These premium cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic, expect a full bodied strong smoke, with high quality tobacco filler and made with a Ecuador Habano wrapper that helps to ensure a great looking and tasting cigars. 

The Alec Bradley American Classic is made with a fine Nicaraguan tobacco leaf, using classic traditional “Cuban cigar manufacturing methods” that underscore the qualities of cigars made back in the early days in Cuba.

It’s a mild cigar, with a mellow smooth taste that goes well after a lighter meal of fish and chicken and a chardonnay. Not so much with heavier meals and full bodied red wine – it has a subtle taste that goes well with lighter meals. If you are eating a steak or a cheesburger you probably want to smoke a cigar with a stronger taste like any stick from the Cohiba Cigar product line.

  • The Alec Bradley American Classic is well made premium cigar that uses a gorgeous tasting Connecticut seed Honduran wrapper. It’s priced aggressively but there is not drop off in quality for this cigar vs. much more expensive sticks in the $200-300 pirce range (per box).
  • The Alec Bradley American classic cigar provides a complex taste with notes of coffee, nuts and a slight woodsy after taste that lets you know this baby is well made. It’s more expensive than entry level priced cigars; but it’s well worth a few bucks more for a box of these cigars. You can expect a great taste with any cigar from this well know cigar brand. 

If you are looking for a great lower cost machine made cigar Swisher Sweets machine made cigars are always on our short list and highly recommended and don’t just take our word for it, check out their reviews here on our site.

Live large smoking Swisher Sweets machine made cigars with: blunts (yes!), BLK Tip, strawberry, grape, white grape, chocolate (live large and check these out), wild rush. We sell them in 20/6, foil pouches, pack of 15 and by the box and if you are looking for a deal on Swisher Sweets Cigars don’t forget our buy one get one free promotion. We always have Swisher Sweets in stock and on sale here at Windy City Cigars. 

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