Frequently Used Cigar Terms and their Meanings

It does not matter whether you are a new cigar smoker who has just purchased a stogie from a Tobacco Store online or have years of experience in cigar smoking, it is beneficial to know the meaning of frequently used terms to explain cigars before you purchaseDiscount Premium Cigars. Some of the terms you will come across are:

Composition: Typically any cigar has 3 parts: binder, filler and wrapper. Firstly, the filler of the cigar is the innermost part. It is formed of tobacco leaves and these leaves are folded by highly skilled rollers. The binder keeps the filler leaves combined. The last part is the wrapper. It is a delicate and attractive tobacco leaf. It is wrapped or covered around the filler. The tobacco used in the above parts in various cigars can be of different origins.

Country: The country is the place where the cigars are made. Different countries make use of various tobaccos from across the globe for their wrappers or binders. If a cigar is made from tobaccos of only one country, then it is known as “puro”. It is a Spanish term meaning “pure”.

Color: Often cigars are categorized by the wrapper’s color. Every single wrapper color is gotten from various leaves and curing techniques which is why different wrappers provide cigars diverse features and tastes. The various colors are as follows:

  • Double Claro: This is a light green wrapper. It is also known as Candela or American Market Selection and has an extremely mild flavor.
  • Claro: The Claro wrapper is light tan or yellowish and are normally signifies the shade grown tobacco. One example of this wrapper is the Connecticut Shade that has a smooth and mild flavor.
  • Natural: The color of this is light brown – brown. It is also known as English Market Selection and frequently sun-grown. It has a fuller flavor than Claro.
  • Colorado: This has a reddish to dark brown color and is rich and robust in flavor.
  • Colorado Maduro: This is dark brown and has a rich medium and aromatic flavor.
  • Maduro: This is very dark brown and normally has strong and sweet flavor. The Oscuro which is the darkest wrapper has almost a black color. It is stronger than lighter Maduro and normally from Connecticut Broadleaf, Brazil, Mexico or Nicaragua.

Size: The cigar’s size is in terms of its length and calculated in inches and ring gauge. A cigar with a sizeable ring gauge had more tobacco and perhaps a greater combination of various kinds of leaves compared to smaller ones. Therefore, they have an intricate flavor and deliver more smoke. The prevalent sizes are: Double Corona, Churchill, Robusto, Lonsdale, Corona and Panatela. A short cigar is referred to as a cigarillo and you can get cigarillos online easily.

Shape: Normally cigars are basically categorized in 2 categories: The first is Parejos which are cigars that have straight sides, open foots and rounded heads. The second is Figurados which are cigars that have irregular shapes and these cigars are tough to create. The prevalent Figurado shapes include: Diademas, Perfecto, Torpedo, Pyramids and Belicoso.

Strength and Flavor: Flavor is smokers notice as a cigar’s taste. It depends on different factors. For instance, the age of the cigars, whether it is humid, very dry or just right, the food one at before smoking the cigar and the drink one is having while smoking etc. It can be very complex. The cigar’s flavor is described as creamy, nutty, earthy, woody, peppery, leathery etc. Moreover, they can be described as mild, medium or strong. The body is the intensity or strength of the smoke. It depends on personal liking but experienced smokers favor full bodied smokes whereas new smokers favor a mild flavor.  

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