From the Gourmet Front Lines: News for Pipe Tobacco & Cigar Aficianados

You are rolling a homemade pipe tobacco blend or pulling out a special cigar and you want to know what’s going on in the world of food and beverages. Well, we have topical news for you.?

Who does not like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or Gourmet Palo Popcorn? Well Ben and Jerry’s has now introduced a new lip smacking line of ice cream with three new awesome flavors that we have taste tested here in the office: Brownie Batter Core, Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Core and Coconuts for Caramel Core.

No we are not in the ice cream biz; but these thick, rich fillings like chocolate sauce and caramel go great with a Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillo White Grape or take a deep dive and fire up a Rocky Patel Decade, with a full bodied rich taste that can be smoked after you have powered down a bowl of something sweet from Ben and Jerry’s.

You Like Chicken with a Premium Cigar? Here’s how to Rock your Bae at Home

Let’s say you are in the country somewhere and not close to a Chick-fil-A location and you want to cure that longing for a great sandwich at home – click in to this link and copy the awesome recipe Melina Kemph whips up at home when the urge for a chicken sandwich overcomes her.

The Best Bloody Mary of All Time (Honest!)?

Legend has it the actual inventor of the Bloody Mary was either Queen Mary (the English monarch) or a Chicago waitress named “Mary” – we prefer the latter being a Chicago born and bred team of cigar chomping tobacconists (not literally though).

Regardless, we think the Bloody Mary is the perfect drink to have on any Sunday PM when you are living a bit large and either at a sporting event of your choosing or maybe in need of the proverbial hair of the dog. We’ve all had those days.?

Best Ingredients Ever for a Bloody Mary

  • Your Vodka of Choice (we prefer Belveder 007 Blend if you have the budget)?
  • 3 Ounces of the Best Tomato Juice you can find (don’t scrimp)?
  • A drop or two of Worcestershire Sauce?
  • Pinch of Salt
  • A dash or two of Horseradish?
  • A bit of black pepper?
  • Quarter ounce of lemon juice?

We love this video for at home mixologists who need to learn more about shaking their cocktails so you don’t bruise that booze.

Six Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know About Sticks

Things You Should Never Do with a Cigar

  1. Use it as a pointer; you aren’t Al Capone or Winston Churchill.
  2. Be selfish with the Humidor (share and care: end of story).
  3. Heat it before smoking: Never under any circumstance.?
  4. Thinking the only classic cigar is an expensive Cuban “hand rolled” – you can get a great cigar like a Bolivar Gigante for under $150 (we have then in sale) for a box of 25.?
  5. Using a match in a pinch to light a cigar. Don’t it’s not going to taste good.
  6. Never store a cigar or any pipe tobacco product in the fridge. The moisture is a killer.?
  7. Stubbing it out in an ashtray. No one in the room is going to think well of you.

How to Understand the Eternal Question About Price and Cigars

We went long and deep on this question on an earlier blog post about prices and quality cigars. But, just to touch on it briefly, it’s not about the price you are paying for cigar or pipe tobacco; it’s really about how developed your taste buds are and your experience level.

Ten Things You Never/Ever want to do in a Bar – Cigar in Hand or Not?

  • Wave money at the bartender; you might as well put a sign on that says “bozo.”?
  • Thinking a dollar is a sufficient tip; possibly back in the Eisenhower era but not now.?
  • Not giving up your seat or place at the bar for a lady. No, in this age of “celebrity drenched selfies” chivalry is not dead.?
  • Hitting on the bartender. Think one out of a million chances, need we say more? There is an economic relationship and in most cases that’s it
  • No that a beer bar is different from a cocktail bar; ordering a Pabst or any kind of beer in a cocktail bar is a faux pas that is not excusable.?
  • Talking loudly into your phone. If it’s a quick call yes, but that long drug out story about the drive home, just don’t.?
  • Tell the bartender what you want. She/he is busy and asking them to make the decision for you is not going to serve you well, no pun intended.?
  • Being loud and obnoxious and thinking people don’t care. They do and so should you. Just Google couth and don’t take our word for it.

So, that’s our short list of cool things every cigar and pipe tobacco smoker might want to know. Thanks for hanging out with us here on the site and BTW, we greatly appreciate your business.