Get Ready for Summer with these Five Premium Cigars

Summer is here and it’s time to hang out with friends and families in the backyard, on the balcony or somewhere out there in the wild blue yonder and smoke a premium cigar like Acid Cigars that’s going to mix well with friends, family and any holiday or special occasion.

  • First, before we talk about some great premium cigar brands lets give you a quick overview of what to look for when you are buying a premium cigar
  • A local cigar club is a great place to start when you are thinking about buying a premium cigar. Most clubs have their own humidor and the size and type of humidor will vary greatly depending on the size of your club. Regardless of the size of the humidor ask club members about cigars they would recommend matched to your budget and tastes.
  • Learn how to test cigar construction: roll a stick between your fingers, it should always feel consistent with no lumps, bumps or irregularities in the body of the cigar – it should also be smooth to the touch, with no rough edges.
  • Know that every cigar should be stored properly before and after a purchase. Too much wetness or moisture will ruin a premium cigar faster than you can say “smoke” – and heat or too much sunlight will also destroy the quality of a premium cigar.
  • A word about price; you don’t need to spend $20-30 bucks to get a good quality premium cigar – you can spend as little as $3-5 per stick and get a smoke that’s going to taste great and go with just about any good meal.

Must Know Cigar Terms for every Consumer: Male or Female BTW

  • Everything starts with the “head” of a cigar: it’s always going to tell you if you have a good cigar in hand. This is the end you put in your mouth, it’s sealed and you will have to use a cigar cutter or guillotine to trim off the tip. Your teeth: don’t even think about it. You want to trim the head of the cigar properly or it may unravel in your hands.
  • The “foot “is the side of the cigar you light using a good butane and never use a match or a lighter that’s not butane. As you may be tasting the match or the lighter fluid for some time as you smoke your stick.
  • The “filler” refers to the actual tobacco that makes up the bulk of your cigar. It’s usually a dried and fermented tobacco. It’s a critical component to a good cigar.
  • The “wrapper” is the external layer of your cigar, with a variation in color from light to dark and a great deal of the taste of your cigar comes from the cigar wrapper.

ACID Cigars are a top selling cigar here at Windy City Cigars for good reason. These hand made, Cuban seeded origin sticks are made with an aged Nicaraguan long filler tobacco that is then aged or “cured” for 3-6 months. They are a great starter cigar for the first time smoker and you can get them in a huge variety of tastes and blends.

Acid premium? cigars are medium-bodied with the Cameroon, Sumatra, Maduro and Connecticut varieties depending on which blend or type of ACID cigar you select.

Yes, these are an “infused” cigars but they are made with very high quality materials, with over 150 natural oils, botanical’s and oils that have been carefully selected to flavor an individual cigar. We carry the full line of Acid Cigars (larger and smaller versions) including the delightful ACID Krush line which come in airtight tins of cigar goodness.

ACID Cigars

  • Kuba Kubal Blue Cigars
  • ACID G Fresh Kuba Kuba 5
  • ACID Windy City Box of 24
  • Krush Gold Sumatra
  • Extraordinary Larry Cigars
  • ACID Collectors Tin of 24
  • ACID Kuba Deluxe Turbo Cigars
  • ACID Kuba Madura Blue
  • ACID C-Notes Cigars
  • ACID Blondie Belicoso
  • ACID Roam Cigars
  • ACID Krush Red Camerooon
  • ACID Cold Infusion Tea Cigars
  • ACID G Fresh Blondie 5
  • ACID Wafe Cigars
  • ACID One Cigars
  • ACID Nasty Maduro
  • ACID Liquid Cigars
  • ACID Krush Classic Maduro Morado Cigar
  • ACID Krush Blue Connecticut Cigars
  • ACID Earthiness Cigars

Alec Bradley Cigars was founded by Alan Rubin in the mid 1990’s. Alec Bradley manufactures a complete line of premium cigars, including the great tasting Tampue so the full bodied Nica Puro and the popular Black Market cigar.

Alec Bradley is known for making a quality cigar, using great sourced filler tobacco, best of breed wrappers, ensuring a great smoke every time: burns evenly, draws well and delivers a smooth taste. And, every step in the manufacturing process is carefully monitored – you are getting a great premium cigar.

We carry the entire line of Alec Bradley Cigars and you’ll find our prices can’t be beat anywhere.?

  • Alec Bradley Coyol Cigars
  • Alec Bradley American Classic
  • Black Market Cigar
  • Maxx the Freak
  • Nico Puro
  • Prensado
  • Sungrown
  • Alec Bradley Taste of the World
  • Alec Bradley Spirity of Cuba
  • Alec Bradley Tubo Sampler
  • Casa De Garcia Toro Connecticut
  • Alec Bradley Sanctum Torro
  • Alec Bradley Sancutm Gordo
  • Alec Bradley
  • Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto
  • Alec Bradley Sanctum Gordo
  • Alec Bradley Black Market Churchill
  • Alec Bradley Spirit of Cubar Cigars

The AyC Grenadiers Cigars are also known as Antonio y Cleopatra cigars and were started in 1879 and have been one of the best-selling machine made cigars of all time. They are know for stellar attention to detail in every aspect of the manufacturing process and tobacco selection and aging.

They are available in blended varieties such as AyC Grenadier Dark, AyC Grenadier Light, AyC Grenadier Whiffs and if you want a bit more flavor in your cigar then the AyC Grenadiers Cigars are a great place to start.

Avo Cigars are a high end luxury cigar made by the master cigar maker, Avo Uvezian who brings a love and appreciation of music to the cigar manufacturing process.This line of premium cigars are well made, one of kind smokes that you can smoke right out of the box or store them in your humidor for a rainy day when you want to smoke a great cigar.

You are purchasing a luxury cigar that features some of the best Nicaraguan tobacco in the world that’s coupled with only the best quality wrappers in the industry – each cigar is beautifully made and constructed using a hand made manufacturing and inspection process on the factory floor.

Stellar attention to detail in every one of these premium cigars. We simply cannot not say enough great things about the Avo Cigars product line, they garner consistent five star reviews from the Cigar Aficionado and here on our web site.

Regardless of the time of the year any of these premium cigars will give you a great tasting experience. All are highly reviewed on our web site, priced competitively and can be smoke out of the box or tossed into your humidor for storage. Thanks for stopping by our blog and if you love premium cigars sign up for our Newsletter to get great deals on premium cigars.