Holiday 2020 Guide – Gift Ideas for Everyone

It’s that time of every year that we make merry with friends, family, and acquaintances. We are at that time when we need to extend a hand of fellowship and show love to people. What is the best way to show love and tell your friends and family members you care?

In every culture, a gift is a positive way to show love and re-establish how much you care without words. There are several ways to give, but the best gift, according to an expert, is the one gift that touches on an individual’s passion and taste.

If you have a cigar or cigarette lover as a friend or family, what could be nicer a gift than something that celebrates their passion? It is for this reason Windy City Cigar feels the need to give you a few gift ideas for everyone during this season of merry.

Best gift ideas for everyone for Christmas and New Year holidays

RYO Gift

What can be better than helping a cigarette smoker save money in the coming year? We do know that people who RYO have better chances of more savings, and by this time in another year, their piggybank would have swallowed a substantial amount from savings from a branded cigarette. You can buy an Electric Powermatic RYO machine for your friend, neighbor, or dad today.

Smoke Odor Removal

Christmas is a time we all need to socialize and make merry. People will go to friends and family to have fun and reignite old times relationship, but we do know not everyone one is a smoker and you to show love to non-smokers. One way to make non-smokers feel at ease around you is by keeping your house smoke free. How about surprising your buddy who smokes by sending them tobacco odor removal and get their homes ready for Christmas? 

Exotic cigar case

People who travel need to protect their cigar from ruin. You can help with a great and useful cigar case that will not only preserve the cigar during the holiday trip; it will remain useful throughout the year. An exotic cigar case is a cherished item and accessory for a smoker and will value your gift every time it is being used.

Gift Cigarillos

The Swisher Sweet Cigarillos has its history date back mid-1800, and it’s a cigar with a rich history everyone who knows the industry would like to associate. Nothing a smoke cherishes more than a gift of cigar even if it’s not their favorite. Think of your beloved friend who smokes and surprise him or her with this gift. 

Introduce Windy City Cigar with a gift

If you have been in dire need of a trusted cigar, you will appreciate knowing a reliable cigar store. This season, you can send someone a gift delivered to their home from Windy City Cigar to introduce a reliable smoke seller to them.

Why is it important to send gifts during the holidays?

Sending gifts to your relations at the end of every year helps to cement your relationship and put you in their minds. It’s a way to reenact your loving care and show you care in more ways than saying it.

Sending gifts to friends and relations has attached emotional meaning that endears you to the heart of the recipients. People who received your gifts will always treat you with respect and genuine love. Gifting is an altruist act of love and affection; it will always return to you in more ways than saying thank you.

Benefits of gifting 

  • Gratitude develops from gifting and generosity. Gift show you appreciate the person you gave a gift and that you care about them. The recipients will never forget your gesture and will reciprocate in different ways.
  • A positive feeling. When you give gifts, you feel inner satisfaction and please with yourself. In a way, such sentiments would develop into self-propelling lucks that will increase your good fortunes with time.
  • You are paying it forward. A good deed today will come back in many folds of the good deed from the recipients tomorrow.
  • Good attracts good. Whoever received a gift from you would look forward to paying you back with more kindness in the future.
  • Generosity is not a waste. The psychological outcome of being generous is the fact that it boosts your positive energy in multidimensional ways. It lifts you above poverty and heals you of negative emotions.

We have a gift for you

At Windy City Cigar, it is cultural for us to throw out gifts to all our customers every year in the form of discounts and sales. Because we have you in mind, we have coupons and holiday gifts that you can benefit from, even if you are just joining us today.

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Holidays come and go, but the good deed we sow every yuletide remains with us for eternity. If you have been thinking about what to give to your loved ones, friends, and family, this article will offer ideas of the best gift.

Remember, a gift doesn’t have to be costly or something unaffordable; the present is your inner conviction to give and appreciate people you love and care for. Therefore, get up now and send a gift to someone! Also, remember that it is not only during holidays alone you can present a gift, every day is Christmas to make new friends and cement existing ones.