How To Care For And Store Your Cigars

When you choose to smoke cigars, you are required to take proper care of it from cutting to storing. Ensure that you do not tear the wrapper while cutting the cigar else it will ruin every draw. Once you are done with cutting the cigar, you are required to light it using a lighter only keeping in mind that it should burn evenly. Unlike cigarettes, cigars contain 3gms or 4gms of tobacco and are not supposed to be inhaled. 

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to buy a cigar sampler from any online store which includes different types of cigars manufactured by different companies or cigarillos online, a small cigar suitable for starters. This will help a smoker decide which one suits him best and hence it will enable him to make quick decision for his next purchase. 

In case, if you happen to put off your cigar in between, you are supposed to store it properly in your humidor. Always purchase a humidor which has many dividers in order to avoid mixing of flavors and store it in a favorable environment. Storing carefully is very crucial in case of cigar bundles because if you leave them open, cigars tend to become dry or get decolorized.

How to Store Cigars Properly