How to Decide on The Right Cigars and Tobacco

Before we come to how to pick out the correct cigars let us understand a Cigar’s structure first:

The head: The head is the end of the cigar that is put in the mouth. It is always sealed and has to be cut. A sharp knife or a guillotine can be used to reduce the possibility of breaking the cigar. However make sure you don’t utilize your teeth ever!

The foot: This is the part of the cigar that will be lit.

The filler: This is a pleasant, coherent blend of fermented and dried tobacco like OHM Tobacco.

Wrapper: This is the external surface of the cigar. It will differ in color from dark to light. Most of the flavor of the cigar will come from the outside.

Now that you have understood the makeup of a cigar and have finally decided to become cigar smoker, we will guide you to get cracking. The first thing is to select the right cigars. Initially, you should choose a lot of diverse single cigars from your local Pipe Tobacco Store. Make sure you do not buy a whole box until you have tried out a couple of single cigars first. Moreover, you can also ask The Pipe Shop owner for some advice.

Pick Mild Cigars

If you have just started smoking, it is recommended you choose Mild cigars as the cigars that are full-flavored are expected to taste very strong to beginners. In addition, mild cigars cost the least, therefore there is no worry about spoiling a costly cigar by igniting it in the wrong way or by cutting the closed end considerably.

Examine the Cigar

After you have decided the kind of cigar you want to buy, then slightly tweak the cigar to find out if it has any soft or hard spots. Obviously, you wouldn’t like to buy a cigar that has a bad draw or even worse if it is clogged and cannot be smoked. Remember regarded tobacconists will normally replace a cigar that is plugged. Furthermore, check the wrapper if it has any stains or cracks.

Safeguard and Smoke

If till now, you do not have a humidor, make sure not to purchase additional cigars than you are able smoke in a few days and also ensure that you leave them behind in its cellophane wrapping till the time you are prepared to smoke. Also never leave a cigar that is unprotected because it will rapidly dry out. One thing you could do is to store the cigars for the time being in a Tupperware container.

Another most crucial thing when choosing a cigar is to consider the quality of the tobacco. You just cannot decide the tobacco quality by only having a look at the outer surface of a cigar. Therefore, how can you deduce which cigars contain a tobacco of good quality? It is chiefly based on the status. You could ask your friends or the tobacconist for suggestions on cigars which contain tobacco of fine quality. Normally, it is always good to choose big brands as they use better quality of tobacco. But don’t forget to buy only a single piece during any one period instead of purchasing boxes.

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