How to Enjoy Cigars

Cigars can be acquired from major cigar stores and sometimes these stores offer Cigars for Sale. Smoking cigars is enjoyable, but at the start, can be quite perplexing. Majority of people can smoke cigarettes without any instructions, but smoking cigars is totally different. The experience of cigar smoking depends on the flavor of the cigar and besides you will not be able to enjoy a cigar if you do not smoke it in the right manner. If you have purchased a cigar from one of the Cigar Shops in your locality, the following are a few essential advices on cigar smoking that will help you to enjoy cigars.

1.First you have to cut the cigar the right way with a swift and conclusive movement. Precise cutting will help to avoid the cigar getting unraveled while smoking. The rounded end or cap of a cigar, should be cut off neatly before you start smoking it.

2.Place the cigar in the mouth. Then, wait for some time till you begin to feel the taste of the wrapper inside your mouth. Actually, most of the flavor of the cigar originates from the wrapper which is usually nicotine-free and waiting for some time to taste before lighting up the cigar will assist you to detect which flavors originate actually from the smoke.

3.Light up your cigar with matches. Gas lighters are not recommended because they disturb the cigar’s taste and consequently are avoided by cigar buffs. Also, there are matches available especially for cigars, though any match will do. Put the cigar’s open end to the flame, making certain it is lit properly. If some parts are unlit, then the cigar is going to burn unequally. Blow out over the ignited end to ensure that it is ignited evenly.

4.Make sure the smoke remains in your mouth. And don’t inhale while smoking cigars because it will cause coughing and actually cigar smoking is all about taste. Cigars are not supposed to be inhaled and inhaling cigars is a common mistake people make.

5.Take your time to smoke a cigar. Smoking a cigar quickly spoils the taste. Take a puff after about every minute and this will really make the cigar taste better. If you puff too often, it will cause the cigar to overheat and discharge too much nicotine causing a bitter and foul taste.

6.Observe the cigar’s flavor. After it smokes effectively, and are having a good feel of the flavor, then you can begin to distinguish the constituents of the taste. While smoking, try to identify the various flavor components.

7.If the cigar goes out, relight it in two hours. Tap the cigar in order to get rid of any extra ash and burn up any surplus pieces of wrapper. Light up the cigar as before and carry on smoking the cigar.

8.If the taste of the cigar starts to spoil, leave it in the ashtray to extinguish. When the last two inches of the cigar are left, the taste will decline. When this takes place, just put it in the ashtray to burn out. It is not necessary to stub a cigar even though you can do it. It is advisable to allow it to go out itself so that you do not finish off having a bad taste in the mouth.  

Now that you have learnt how to enjoy a cigar, go get one from your nearest store or an online store that providesCigar Deals and start appreciate one!

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