How To Keep Your Tobacco Fresh?

How To Keep Your Tobacco Fresh?

Tobacco smoking is a pleasant experience if you treat it right! I say this because tobacco smokers know it’s not enjoyable if the substance is too dry or wet. The ideal state of your tobacco should be moist and fresh, and that is the way you can enjoy every puff and have lasting smoke. If you are a regular buyer at Windy City Cigars, you would have noticed that our tobacco always come moist and fresh because we care about your health and enjoyment. But the trouble is when you have purchased your tobacco, especially in large quantity to give you enough supply if you live where it’s difficult to replenish your stock of smoke.

You can save more money when you store more tobacco

Apart from smokers who live in remote areas where it is challenging to get tobacco supply, regular smokers should consider bulk tobacco to get some price advantage too. In this discussion, we will look at how you can store a large quantity of tobacco to save money and keep it fresh and nice for a longer time.

Keeping tobacco fresh: Tips and Tricks

No tobacco goes “stale”; they dry out! When it dries out, it becomes harsh in taste. You may not know this, but the tobacco production method is intended to make the leaves dry out. It is when the leaves become dry that chemical changes to take place to make the smoke smoother and less harsh when you smoke it. Therefore, when we talk about keeping your tobacco fresh, we are simply saying it is not suitable for the substance to become completely dry out. The tips and tricks we would discuss here will help to halt the process of your tobacco drying out completely. This process takes rehydrating the substance to keep it in moist and fresh condition continuously for longer shelf life.

 Before we discuss the tips and tricks, I need you to understand that you cannot stop your tobacco from drying out because it is made that way. The moment you open the pack, the drying process will commence. Your only effort should be to keep it fresh to make it pleasant to smoke.

Tips to keep tobacco fresh

  1. Open with care. Remember that your tobacco drying out process accelerates the moment you open the pack. This means to keep your tobacco fresh, do not damage the package to continue having it remained in its original bag safely.
  2. Be careful storing in freezers. Your goal is to keep the tobacco humid and not dry out, but the air in the freezer is too dry to help with your purpose.
  3. Use airtight container. If the original packaging with which the tobacco was supplied has been damaged or it’s not airtight, you need to get an airtight container to store your tobacco. For this purpose, I will recommend a glass container as it works best than any other type out there. Before keeping your smoke in it, make sure to sterilize it in hot water and completely dry it using a tea towel ensuring it’s free of water before storing the tobacco and keep it tightly closed. Label the container showing the date you put the tobacco in it for storage and store it in temperature, not more than 70 degrees F.
  4. Use a Ziploc bag. The Ziploc bag is a convenient way to store your tobacco, open it and keep it locked up in an airtight environment again. The reason this bag is so useful is that you can manually moisten the content by sprinkling water on it. However, you need to be careful not to wet the leaves to prevent mold and other fungi element growing on your tobacco which will become toxic with time.
  5. Get a humidor. A humidor is a container which controls the quantity of moisture in the air inside it. Using a humidor can save you the trouble of manually wetting your tobacco to keep it hydrated and fresh for smoking.

There are tons of DIY ways to keep your tobacco fresh and pleasant to smoke. In a nutshell, anything moist will keep your tobacco fresh; however; the above tips will help you get things going without the need to worry. Apart from the suggestions already discussed, there are tricks people use to achieve the same result, and I will discuss a few of them next. However, in term of tricks, be warned that it works differently according to the environment and your understanding of the use. Here are some tricks you should know.

Tricks to keep tobacco fresh

You can hardly exhaust the number of benefits you can get from everyday things you see around. However, because man has lots of tricks up their sleeves, they often turn these benefits in their favor! From cotton, orange peel, clay and apple peels, and clay, man has discovered how useful these items are for keeping tobacco fresh. Let’s see how you can use these items to freshen up your smoke.

  1. Apple peel – Cut some apple peels and add it to the tobacco pouch and store it in the freezer. Your smoke will remain fresh; just take the quantity you want and allow the rest to be in the container.
  2. Orange peel – The more peels you add in a tobacco container, the more humid you get and he fresher your smoke.
  3. Clay disc –  You can get this at tobacco shops in the accessories area for a couple of bucks. You get them to soak and place it where your tobacco is kept to provide the moisture to keep the substance moist.

There are many tricks as there are tobacco enthusiasts out there but the tips and tricks discussed here will help you keep your tobacco moist and fresh.

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