How to Live Large with a Premium Cigar

We are advocates for cigar smoking and we should be, we’ve been selling premium cigars for over ten years. There is a big difference between living large with a cigar vs. just hanging out with your bae or buds and smoking a stick. 

Cool Geeky Cigar Smoking Stuff You should Know

Every cigar (not cigarillos), especially if it’s a premium cigar (not that under a buck smoke) it’s been sealed with a cap of tobacco and you have to create an opening of some type (cut casually BTW) so you can smoke it. 

  • You can use scissors just laying on the table. But, only if they are sharp or you’re just going to tip the cigar and end up with something like hanging chad back in the day. 
  • VCutters are popular; but you gotta have some dexterity to use these. If you are a bit challenged or juggling a phone in one hand you are better off using a sharp guillotine type of cigar cutter.
  • Some folks just take the match and poke a hold in the end of a cigar. But, this is just bad – you are risking ruining the filler leaves that guide the smoke into your mouth. 
  • If you are a bit on the wild side or stuck in the jungle doing a Bear Grylls thing with your bae you can use your fingernails or God forbid your teeth. But, most of you are not as skilled as Bear and you may just end up wacking off the cap while you sit by and watch the stick unravel in front of you.
  • The guuillotine is the best tool to use for cutting a cigar; just use the shoulder of the cigar (hold it up for perspective perhaps), removing the very top of the cap like you were slicing a fine Italian ham. Delicately!

Bear Gyrylls strikes a serious pose with no premium cigar in hand

Why you Should Embrace the Sisterhood of the Band 

The band on a cigar has a practical and useful function. Newsflash: it holds the cigar in place and you don’t want to remove this baby until you have smoked about one third of the stick – the glue used in the band will heat as you smoke it and become much more pliable. 

Don’t just rip a band off a cigar casually. Do it with some forethought and remove it gently. Your smoking experience will be the better for this and you won’t embarrass yourself. 

Lighting a Cigar is like Sipping a Great Pinoit Noir 

The ritual of lighting a cigar is just as important as anything else you do. There are really just two basic issues you should be aware of: take your time and do a thorough job firing up your stick. 

Char the end of your cigar by holding it at a forty five degree to the flame of your butane lighter (note: no candles, matches or burning embers please) – you don’t want to partially light one end of the cigar as the cigar will burn unevenly and it won’t draw well either. 

If you have properly charred the end of the cigar you are ready to round second and head for home. Put the cigar up to your mouth and draw gently to ensure its lit properly. You can always blow on the end of a cigar to get a sense of how much has been lit, or not. 

A word about ignition: lads/ladies don’t ever think about using a match or candle (as earlier). Both products will impart some taste to the smoking process and can degrade your taste experience accordingly. You don’t need a $300 lighter like Leo uses; a simple under ten bucks FireBird Edge 1 Silver Butane Torch Lighter – it’s a functional lighter and it won’t break your budget. 

novel premium cigar cutter

Like All Good things in Life a Cigar Smoking Experience has to End 

Never under any circumstances stub that stick out in the ashtray or on the heel of your shoe. This is a social faux pas on the order of walking into a bar and shouting to get the attention of your professional server – the night is going to be long and men let us make one critical point; your coming across a Rube from the sticks and that second date is probably not going to work out. And, the comments (if any) on your Facebook page are not going to be what you want to see.

Let a stick burn out naturally in the ashtray and know going in when you get down to the last third of it as the oils and tar build up it’s going to burn slower. And, if you don’t power through your cigar in one sitting, toss it. Cigars don’t age well like a fine line and firing one up the next morning is not going to be a good taste experience. 

Four Things to Be Aware of when Smoking a Premium Cigar in Public

Don’t smoke that stick on company that is not happy with your sense of taste. Hold off or go somewhere else; find your tribe and get gun done. #GFD 

Don’t pull that portable humidor out of the breast pocket without extending the offer an offer to share the stick with those around you. They will notice if you don’t: see “Rube” behavior above in a bar. 

Beer, scotch, brandy, desert wine whatever strikes your fancy goes great with a premium cigar. The rules about smoking a stick with something “macho” in flavor like scotch or a whiskey are no longer in vogue. Sure, if are sharing shots of Glenlivet scotch with friends then by all means whip out a fine Rocky Patel Decade Emperor Cigar and live life large. 

The last and most important rule is this and only this: there are no rules (other than being sensitive to those around you) in this new age of everything goes in moderation please get out there and create some memories you can share with others as you move into the sunset….

Got questions about premium cigars or tobacco products? Call us please – we are friendly folks and BTW we sneak in a smoke now and then here in the office. We know our stuff and we’d love to earn your business. #letstalk