How to Pick the Right Cigar Cutter

One talent that every cigar aficionado must become an expert in is the skill of cutting a cigar. When a cigar is cut in the right way, it will enable you to delight in your favorite cigar, say, the Romeo Y Julieta Cigar to the maximum. On the other hand, a badly cut cigar can completely spoil a pricey cigar. In case if you are going to invest a handsome amount on an assortment of premium stogies, then why not become skilled at cutting the cigars the accurate way? More to the point, there is no harm in mastering this art, isn’t it? There are various ways of cutting a stogie, however, the main thing to bear in mind is that ultimately there should be sufficient opening so that you can draw the smoke without spoiling the cigar. If the cut is very wide or very large, then the cigar will break up, with the cigar’s end ripping or the wrapper getting loose. If the cut is very small, then the cigar will not draw. The best spot to cut it is just higher than the cigar’s cap line (this is the place immediately before where the cigar’s curved end starts to straighten. This is typically just about a 1/16 of an inch starting from the cigar’s head.

There are many kinds of cigar cutters available on the market such as the punch cigar cutter, double blade cutter, Guillotine cutter, Bullet Punch cutter and others. Cigar smokers have their own personal preferences for these cutters. The majority of the smokers test some of them before picking their favorite one. Don’t even think of saving your money by making use of your teeth in place of a cigar cutter. A person’s teeth cannot make a cut cigars efficiently. You will damage your cigar, if you cut it with your teeth. Moreover, you will end up with wet tobacco in your mouth. Do not even think of using your teeth unless it is impossible to get your hands on a cutter. However, such a situation is not likely to arise. Moreover, do not even utilize a kitchen knife, as it is possible that it could be having residues that can mess up the flavor of the stogie.

In order to cut your much loved stogies like the Oliva Cigars, you have to search for a fine cigar cutter. And selecting the perfect one, would require some effort to be made from your side because every cigar cutter has their fans. You could, try one by one every time you cut a cigar and finally settle on the one which you like the most. This way, you will get to know how each one of them works and which one is right for you instead of asking users for their opinion because each user will have their own preferred cutter which could not be the right one for you.




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