How to Purchase a Lighter for your Partagas Cigars

A cigar lighter is a convenient piece of equipment that is usually used to light cigars. Basically, a lighter is made up of a compartment that has a combustible fluid, a way of ignition or a flint and a means of extinguish the flame. Mostly, lighters are thought to be disposable and inexpensive, but the lighters that are more attractive and showy are made to reuse and preserve. Looking at the history of cigars, the initial lighters were transformed pistols and made use of gunpowder during the 16th century. Johann Döbereiner is known to discover the lighter during the early 1820s.

Searching the appropriate cigar lighter is as crucial as choosing a fine cigar e.g. Romeo Y Julieta Cigar that suits your palate. Cigar lighters can be obtained online, or zippo lighter store or a cigar store. Although many points should be reflected upon like lifestyle, usage and obviously your budget.

1.   Discard your lighter for cigarettes if you have one, and put the matches away because they can spoil a cigar. Since cigars are made up of moist tobacco instead of dry tobacco, it is logical to make use of lighters especially for cigars. These lighters have a wider flame and make use of fuel that is clean-burning. The blend of these 2 features enables the cigar to taste better.

2.   Line up your requirements. If you a person who is fond of outdoors and wish to smoke your cigars outdoors, then it is necessary to have a windproof lighter. Torch lighters have a floating devices, compass, lanyard and a waterproof cover.

3.   Select a torch or butane lighter. Butane lighters make use of fuel that is clean burning that will not change the taste of a cigar. Moreover, they are waterproof and windproof and gives a fixed flame that grants a more consistent lit cigar. Conversely, torch lighters emit a bright green or blue flame with a strength that is easy to manage.

4.   Make up your mind on your budget. If you want a decent, wind-resistant cigar lighter in addition to refillable butane, then it is available in the price range of $50 to $ 100 whereas a designer lighter can cost as much as $200.

5.   Flaunt your personality. If you want a lighter to show off, then you can go for collector’s lighters that are available in the market. Some of these are in the form of fire extinguishers, beer bottles, microphones etc.

Lighters are not only used of igniting Partagas Cigars and other many cigars only but also a range of other jobs such as lighting grills, camp fires, igniting candles and many more. Lighters are created by a diversity of companies and come in various colors, sizes and shapes. Cigar lighters usually make use of butane. You can regulate a lighter’s flame and this is done so that the height of the flame can be equaled to the task happening. And this is done by the help of a control that is usually placed at the lighter’s bottom.

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