How to Purchase Cigars from Cigar Shops

In the past, cigars were considered to be for only for the upper strata of the society. A cigar was deemed to be a rich and sophisticated indulgence of the upper social class.  However, as time passed, cigars were no longer considered to be for the elite to such a degree that at present they have become fashionable among all classes of people irrespective of their position. In the present day scenario, cigars are easily available in the market with an expansive range of brands, tastes and flavors. They also come in assorted sizes and shapes, catering to the preferences of different smokers. Though certain cigar varieties are apt for experts, there are others that are clearly the best pick for a learner. One must be very alert while buying a cigar or filtered cigars and if you want to gift a cigar, then you must know which cigar the person has a penchant for. The following tips will guide you on how to purchase cigars:

  • The foremost step while buying a cigar will include visiting your local brick and mortar or an online store that stocks a wide variety of cigars. Today, you will find quite a lot of shops that have a special division to make sure that the purchaser gets the finest quality of cigars.
  • Another important thing to make certain while purchasing a cigar is that the cigar you opt for contains hundred percent pure tobacco. These days, there are many packed cigars that are prepared from non-tobacco ingredients, for instance glycerin or paper. It is better to completely avoid them.
  • Cigars must match up to your smoking know-how. If you are a veteran cigar smoker, then the best selection for you would be a cigar with a bigger diameter. And if you wish to gift a cigar to a person who has just begun smoking, the cigars that are longer – like one of the Macanudo Cigars are more apt for him/her.
  • Another vital thing that has an influence while buying cigars is the cigar’s length. If you wish to savor a cigar for a longer period of time, let’s say one that would endure for about an hour, then pick a cigar that has a length of around seven inches. On the other hand, if the length of a cigar is five inches, then it will endure for around forty five minutes.
  • Another factor that has an impact when procuring cigars is the flavor. Largely, the wrapper of a cigar is an apparent sign of the cigar’s flavor. An old hand in smoking or a regular smoker could select a cigar that is strongly flavored whereas a beginner could choose a light flavored one.
  • Ensure that cigar wrapper’s surface is smooth, with slight veins. A wrapper that has faded should be completely shunned because it will cause an uneven burn and unpleasant flavor.
  • In addition, don’t fail to squeeze a cigar before you buy it, so as to ensure that it provides a bit.

After keeping in mind the above points, there is no risk in buying an entire box or bundle, for instance Ohm bundle cigars.



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