How to Select Pipe Tobacco

How to select pipe tobacco is a question we get asked frequently via our toll free line. There is no magical one size fits all way to select pipe tobacco – no offense meant to any of you; but, pipe tobacco smokers are somewhat fickle and your taste change over time. #always?

How to Select Pipe Tobacco: What you Need to Know

We carry a huge selection of pipe tobacco products that address just about any flavor of pipe tobacco any of you would want to try. But, here is some valuable perspective: most of you don’t change the type of pipe tobacco you smoke once you settle in on a brand you like.?

Sure that is not a surprise but what we tell pipe tobacco smokers on the phone frequently is to “live large” and try a different blend now and then.?

The pipe tobacco market, like any other is constantly changing and new blends and varieties are coming on the market with exotic flavors: cherry vanilla, chocolate, cherry chocolate; i.e. you have almost infinite choices.?

What’s Your Pipe Tobacco Smokers Profile?

When we speak with many of you on the phone we try to build a smoker’s profile on the call; that’s why we ask you a number of questions about your food and wine or alcohol preferences.?

We are trying to challenge your pallet a bit – most popular blends are made with English, Virginia and Aromatic blends.Whether you pick a classic English or American blend almost 100% of them are made using some sort of Virginia tobacco in the blend.?

English blends vary tremendously, mostly due to the whims of the manufacturer and/or their interest in creating a specific flavor – many use an Oriental or Turkish tobaccos, these are small leaf tobaccos and they pack a bigger taste punch than other blends.

  • English blends of pipe tobacco vary greatly. Many of them use Oriental or Turkish tobaccos. These tobaccos leafs are small but pack a bigger punch of flavor. Oriental tobaccos are highly regarded for their big flavor and aromatic quality. Virginia tobaccos are typically blended as the base for oriental English blends.
  • Classic American blends again use Virginia tobacco (it’s sweet tasting which appeals to many) and they are made with burley, which gives the pipe tobacco a bit of a nutty taste and the nicotine content is usually higher.?
  • Aromatic blends (while we are talking about pipe tobacco selection) will be varied like an English blend, infused with any number of exoctic flavors: cherry, vanilla, chocolate and even caramel. An aromatic blend of pipe tobacco is by its very nature going to be something you want to think about carefully and/or by a small amount. The taste will vary tremendously; so experiment carefully – buying a 5lb bag is not going to be a good idea.?

Buying Pipe Tobacco and Flavoring it at Home is Now Somewhat Mainstream

This is another popular topic that gets discussed via our Facebook page and referenced on calls with some of you. Today there are no taste limitations when it comes to personalizing your pipe tobacco. If you can imagine it you can probably create your own custom blend at home.?

And unlike “moonshiners” back in the day you don’t need any exoctic materials: your still is really just a good airtight plastic container and whatever liquid flavor you want to use as a flavoring agent.?

Check out our YouTube Channel – we review popular pipe tobacco products and this video on flavoring pipe tobacco at home dovetails with this blog post.?

If you have questions about how to select pipe tobacco or anything about our premium cigars, manual or electric cigarette machines please call us. Please know in the ten years we have been in business just about any question about tobacco products has been asked and our staff are all knowledgeable about our pipe tobacco products.