Humidification Beads and Humidors

Humidors are special boxes that keep cigars and other tobacco products in a dry and airtight container. How can humidity levels stay down in order to keep the cigars in perfect condition? There are a few different processes that a humidor can use to keep humidity levels down. However, some humidors use humidification beads in order to keep the cigars dry by drawing away moisture. While other humidors might use sponges or even electronic humidity devices, humidification beads are much less expensive while still retaining the same efficiency. In some cases, they can be even more effective than the other ways!

Each bead is made up to draw excess humidity from the atmosphere away from where they might ruin any priceless cigars a person might buy. In comparison to other methods, humidification beads do not need chemicals to accomplish this feat and actually work using distilled water. They’re made up to work specifically between 60 and 70 percent humidity, which is designed to allow moisture levels to stay normal. Humidity and tobacco products need a delicate touch in order to work with each other after all.

It’s not difficult to design system that will work for personal humidors around the world so long as important factors like the climate and general environment around the humidor are taken into account. For example, drier areas of the world need to add moisture rather than take it away, as would be required in a wet climate. Make sure to have an idea of how often the box is going to be opened since it exposes cigars to the environment before deciding on the system that’s right for the humidor in question. Good cigars cost money and ruining them by having trouble with regulating moisture in the air around the environment of the humidor is regrettably common. It would be a shame to waste a good cigar, right?

Using humidification beads for moisture control is an amazing low-tech solution to keeping an eye on moisture in and around the humidor. If moisture is high, the beads will look clear, and when moisture is low, the beads turn white. It’s simple and easy with no energy source needed! Conveniently, humidification beads are sold in one pound bags that can provide up to 5 cubic feet of control, and the beads are usually made of silica. Put the beads in a shallow container and spray the beads with just enough distilled water to get them wet rather than saturated before putting them in the room containing the humidor in question.

That’s pretty much it for setup and the beads can begin working right away. All that needs to be done after setup is to remember to keep an eye on what color the beads are and respond accordingly. If the beads are white, spray them with distilled water again. There’s no electricity needed and certainly no parts to replace. Other humidity control devices are in constant need of repairs once parts wear out but not humidification beads. Humidification beads can last a lifetime so if anyone has a need for humidity control for their cigars, and cigar accessories, then the most cost-effective method of doing that really is the best option for everything from the simplest humidor to the biggest!