Is Aging Cigars in a Humidor is Essential ?

As a rule of thumb, if you age most of the cigars in a humidor that is well maintained, then the cigars’ flavor will keep on getting better for about ten years. And after this period of time is over, the cigars will not as formerly indicate any noteworthy amount of enhancement, even though they will still need to be stored properly in a humidor so that their integrity is well-maintained. But, most of the smokers are not patient to wait for 10 years to light up their cigars. Therefore, some cigar aging experiments were conducted to discover how long Cigar Bundles must be aged so that the taste is enriched. But bear in mind that each cigar bundle or box ages in a different way. Most of the tobacco contained in cigars is processed, aged, fermented, cured etc. for a few years after being harvested and prior to being used to craft cigars. Once the rolling of the cigars is completed, the complete cigars are afterwards aged for some more time. The period of the time will differ and it depends on the producer and various other features influencing the cigar’s marketing. Some cigars might not be aged in the least or will be aged for a small amount of time only so that it does not permit the various tobacco leaves contained in the combination to unify and for components that are bitter contained in the tobacco to scatter. This is specifically true of bundled cigars that are lower priced, but this can also apply to more costly boxed cigars incorporating certain famous national brands. Moreover, after the cigars have left their plants, they can be shipped and also stored in various conditions. This makes it all the more tough to decide whether the cigars can be smoked prior to storing them in the humidor for some time. Always remember that when you want to age your chosen Ohm Bundle Cigars in the humidor, do away with any packing, tubes or cellophane.

So, the following are reasons and tips why your cigars should be aged in an aptly looked after humidor before you start smoking them:

  • You should age the cigars for at least a year in order to get a considerably evident mellow flavor.
  •  Aging majority of the cigar brands for a minimum of 2 to 3 months before smoking will hugely enrich their taste.
  • Remember even aging a brand you dislike or a bad cigar will not change it. On the other hand, a good cigar that tastes poor initially can get better considerably after aging.
  • A full bodied cigar will improve with aging for a longer period of time as opposed to milder ones.
  • Cheap bundled cigars will need more aging initially after they are bought compared to premium cigars.

Every single cigars tastes and ages in a different way, even if they are in the same bundle or box. So initially before buying the whole bundle, buy a sampler like the Romeo Y Julieta Cigar Sampler.

However, there are certain exclusions to the above tips. It is very much possible that you could like a particular brand when it is newly purchased without any further aging. Furthermore, cigars that are artificially flavored don’t need aging except that they should even now be stored in the right conditions. And don’t store flavored cigars with others in one humidor.

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