Keeping Your Cigars in a Perfect Condition

Cigars can get better and can mature with age and an appropriately stored cigar can endure almost forever. Flavored cigars that are matured and are in great state burn more consistently and taste smoother. But if a cigar is stored in a wrong way can deteriorate or become decayed. The main thing to retain the quality of a cigar is the way you store it. You need to store them suitably to keep them in an ideal condition. If you are new to cigars buy Cigar Samplers initially and follow these instructions to maintain the condition of the cigars after buying them from The Cigar Store.

1.   Select a superior quality humidor with a partial Spanish cedar lining. Make sure it provides double the size of the cigars you will store.

2.   Check for air-tightness. You can do this by allowing the lid drop closed. And you are supposed to hear a whoosh sound.

Take care of your Humidor for a Faultless Cigar

3.   Clean the inside wood surfaces of the humidor with sponge that is clean and soaked in refined water before you start making use of the new humidor.

4.   Put a shallow container of purified water at the base of the humidor.

5.   Charge or fill the humidifier with clean water. Put it in the humidor and seal the lid for about twenty four hours.

6.   Then uncover the lid, and if needed then top up the humidifier.

7.   Again, cover the lid for a further twenty four hours.

8.   Do away with the water container and add the cigars.

Maintain your Cigars in a Great Condition

9.   Position your humidor that is seasoned now in a dry place and should be far from windows, air conditioning and intense heat. Places where climates are very dry could require 2 humidifiers for each humidor.

10.  Keep up a steady tropical atmosphere in the humidor at 70⁰F and 70% humidity. This is recognized as the rule of 70/70.

11.  Continue to fill the humidifier with water that is distilled. Moreover, continue inspecting the levels of water every day for a couple of weeks following seasoning of the humidor, and then once after every 2 weeks.

12.   Examine the cigars by pressing them. They have to be flexible, but not at all soggy or dry. Make sure you test your cigars each day for the initial few weeks, then one time every two or three weeks afterwards.

13.  Open your humidor two times a week for a time of fifteen minutes at one time to let the air to flow. Turn around the cigars from the bottom to top rack.


·      Make a temporary humidor with a sealed. Make sure the container is clean and the sponge is damp and shouldn’t touch the cigars. Remove the lid for some time after every couple of weeks to moisten the sponge and permit air to freely flow. Store it in a dark and dry place.

·      Store the cigars in a plastic bag that is sealed for one week.

·      Put the cigars that are dry at the base of the humidor to reinstate moisture sooner.

·      Don’t put the cigars in an unseasoned humidor. Wood that is unseasoned will put the humidity away from the cigars.

·      Don’t put the cigars in a freezer or refrigerator.

·      Don’t ever make use of tap water while seasoning your humidor or filling it up.

·      Do not take off the cellophane wrappers of the cigar in case if you are stocking up more a single brand.

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