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We get this question via our toll free line about reviving pip tobacco: “should I toss this tobacco once it is dried out?”

The short answer based on our years of experience is “no” – you can revive pipe tobacco if it has not dried out too much. Do a deeper dive on this topic viewing our short how to video below. 

“Another question we get frequently is how to select a manual or electric cigarette machine that’s going to fit my tobacco lifestyle?”  This video will give you a great overview of the cigarette machine selection process. The most basic advise on this topic is always match your pipe tobacco consumption (volume) to the type of cigarette machine.


Selecting Your first Cigar: How to do it Right!

Many pipe tobacco smokers don’t have a lot of experience selecting cigars and this outline should help you navigate the choppy waters of mapping a great tasting cigar with your tastes and budget. 

If you are physically checking out a cigar that’s not wrapped and in your hands, start with the head of the cigar. The head is the end that you put in your mouth and it will tell you a lot about a cigar. It should be trimmed and you want to use a cigar cutter and it should be done properly to ensure your cigars smokes great and won’t turn into a soggy mess as you smoke it.,

The “foot” is the part of the cigar you are going to light and you want to do this carefully. Light the cigar evenly and don’t put the head of the cigar in the flame on one side: you want to light it evenly. 

A great cigar should have a high quality wrapper – this requires some expertise to understand what’s a good quality cigar. If you are holding the cigar in hand look for a wrapper that does not have a lot of variation in the color, it should be consistent and with no visible signs of imperfections (blemishes, cracks, etc.).

We get asked about cigar prices all of the time. There is no hard and fast rule on what you should spend on a cigar. If it’s your first time and you can afford it, spend $5-10 per cigar for a box of cigars. You can spend more; but, if this is your first experience smoking cigars you can work up to more expensive brands of cigars and frankly, you may not make the distinction between an entry level price cigar ($5-10) versus a more expensive cigar. 

And in many cases you may be better off not buying a box of cigars at once. Work up to a box; buy single cigar at a time and do some experimenting. As you smoke a wider variety of cigars your tastes will change. This natural and cigars are on par with wine – your tastes change based on consuming the product.

And, please know we talk to lots and lot of customers every day and we are all pipe tobacco and cigar smokers ourselves. So, if you have questions please reach out to us. Sidebar: check out our cigar smokers gift box, with five great tasting Alec Bradley Cigars and all the smoking accessories you need.