Machine Made versus a Handmade Premium Cigar

What is the difference between handmade premium cigars and those  produced by machines? This answer varies depending on who you ask, but in most cases handmade cigars are typically more expensive than those that are mass produced, often using more and better quality tobacco, mature leaves and the expert touch of a cigar maker who knows what they are doing.

Handmade premium cigars are usually made with longer fillers. These fillers run the length of the cigar, as opposed to just the beginning or a few select parts, typically found with a machine made cigar. 

The makeup of the filler is critical to the taste experience, the filler affects both the draw and the rate at which it burns – ensuring  a better taste experience as you smoke your stick. 

Some believe a hand-rolled cigar is better as the human hands are more apt to roll it without bunches, while others put their trust more in an automated process. Believing automation ensure more consistency in the manufacturing process. 

Another visible difference between the two is the type of caps that cover the end of the cigar. Often, the caps on machine-made cigars are pointed while those that are handmade tend to be smooth to the touch.

In terms of handmade premium cigar and machine-made cigars, there is also a type that falls in the middle. Some cigars are made with a machine during the initial production process but are then rolled by hand before they are completed.

Great Premium Cigars We Recommend

  • Black and Mild this brand is one of the best selling machine-made cigars in the world. Created in the U.S. using pipe tobacco and rolled in a homogenized binder, they use golden Virginia and black Cavendish tobacco. Full of flavor and varying in both shape and size, Black and Mild Cigars come in many different flavors including Apple, Mild and Mild Wine.
  • Garcia y Vega Premium Cigar: First created in 1882, these cigars have provided smokers with a mild, smooth taste every time. The aged filler tobacco and select natural leaf wrapper are perfect for a daily smoke.
  • If you’re looking for a great hand-crafted premium cigar taste, look no further than a famous Chicago Gangster. Named after Al Capone, these cigars are known for their mild, sweet taste packed in a small size. Variations include the Al Capone Jamaican Blaze and Al Capone Slim.

If you read our blog posts you’ll understand there is no “knock your socks off” best premium cigar – the selection process is always somewhat determined by your budget and level of sophistication.