Nine Little Know Great Roll Your Own Tobacco Products

There is a wide world of roll your own tobacco products available on today’s market. There is a tobacco flavor and product for just about anyone that will address just about any price range and taste experience as we review these nine great brands of roll your own pipe tobacco.

Let’s start with OHM Au Naturalle Pipe Tobacco

Smoke organic with OHM Au Naturalle Pipe Tobacco is made with all organic tobacco, with no commercial additives (unless for flavoring) used like some of our competitors and our entire OHM Au Naturelle Pipe Tobacco line garners five star reviews here on our site, Yelp and BizRate. Your going to enjoy an OHM pipe tobacco every time and OHM Au Naturelle Pipe Tobacco comes in 3 great tasting flavors.

  • Red: A more robust flavored pipe tobacco if you want a little stronger tobacco; not for those who aren’t looking for a robust full bodied flavor.
  • Gold: Get a richer somewhat smoother taste with our “Gold” and it never dries out on you and smokes great every time; a bit milder than our Red but still enough tobacco taste to let you know your smoking a great blend.
  • Menthol: Our menthol blend is mild enough to not mask the real tobacco flavor underneath it but strong enough to give you a real taste of menthol.

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco is a full flavored Traditional Pipe Tobacco that’s been around for Centuries

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco has been know for centuries, producing a great top shelf pipe tobacco using good quality leaf tobacco that smokes and tastes great every time. No harsh tastes in the mouth after a smoke, just a good rich tasting tobacco.

Dunhill pipe tobacco comes in 1.75pz tins and comes in a wide variety of tast tobacco flavors:

  • Dunhill My Mixture
  • Dunhill Mellow
  • Dunhill Nightcap
  • Dunhill Early Morning
  • Dunhill Flake
  • Dunhill Navy Roll
  • Dunhill Yacht
  • Dunhill Elizabeth
  • Duhill Standard
  • Dunhill London

Check Out Cherokee Pipe Tobacco: Made by Native Americans

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco is a high quality pipe tobacco, made by Native American Cherokee Indians who have been smoking and producing tobacco much longer than any traditional pipe tobacco company. There is no substitute for experience when you as a consumer are assessing different types of tobacco manufacturers.

Cherokee pipe tobacco is long ribbon cut tobacco made in a classic manner, using flue-cured and burly tobacco leaf. You’ll find this blend of tobacco tastes good and it is priced very aggressively. Low cost high value pipe tobacco and if you like a medium to strong taste Cherokee tobacco is going to taste great.

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco comes in these Blends and in 16oz and 5lb bags.

  • Cherokee Full Flavor: a more robust taste than the rest of their blends; strong but not too strong.
  • Cherokee Ultra Silver: if you like smooth this is the pipe tobacco for you, smooth as proverbial silk.
  • Cherokee Mellow: mellow taste that’s easy on the taste buds and not too strong.
  • Cherokee Turkish: has a classic exoctic taste that’s going to get your attention.
  • Cherokee Menthol: won’t overpower you like some blends, just enough menthol to give you a slight taste.

Another Great Traditional Blend: Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco

Criss Cross pipe and cigarette tobacco is a popular tobacco brand that is on sale and priced economically always here at Windy City Cigars.?

All of Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco blends are made from high quality burley and Virginia tobaccos ? they?re known for making a pipe and cigarette tobacco that smokes smooth and light.?

We always have 3 flavors of Criss Cross pipe tobacco on sale. We sell the 16oz (1lb) bags of Smooth, Original and Mint. All of the Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco blends are priced to sell and deliver a great smoke every time.?

Bugler Pipe Tobacco is the Number One Selling Pipe Tobacco in the World

Bugler pipe tobacco is the number one pipe tobacco brand in the world for good reason: Bugler makes great products, prices all of their blends aggressively to make it stand out and manufactures a good quality product with good attention to detail in every facet of their manufacturing processes.?

We carry Bugler’s entire line of great tasting pipe tobacco blends:

  • Green
  • Blue Full Flavor
  • Green Menthol

Bugler makes tobacco products in 10oz and 4oz sizes and we stock them all here at Windy City Cigars. We also carry and discount Bugler’s other products: rolling machines and papers. Sign up for our Newsletter to get great deals on Bugler Pipe tobacco and other products.

Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco is a Great Tasting Mild Air Cured Pipe Tobacco Brand

Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco comes in 14oz cans. This is a great tasting mild, air cured pipe tobacco that blends Burly and Virginia tobacco, using a ribbon cut so the tobacco is ready to smoke right our of the tin.

This is a classic tasting pipe tobacco, not overpowering, with a smooth bit of a sweet taste you would expect from a pipe tobacco product that uses Virginia sourced tobacco leaves that are carefully selected buy Carter Hall.?

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Smokes Great Every Time

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is a North Caroline tobacco manufacturer and well established brands, one of the market leaders (check out the reviews on our site) providing high quality pipe and cigarette tobacco for the consumer market.

Good Stuff tobacco manufactures a broad mix of tobacco products with distinct flavors made with good quality tobacco and high quality flavoring elements. Each 16oz (1lb) bag of The Good Stuff pipe tobacco goodness is re-sealable, ensuring the tobacco won’t dry out and ensuring you are going to get a great smoke every time.

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco comes in 6 Unique Flavors:

  • Good Stuff Red: a classic full bodied pipe tobacco; nothing subtle in this blend whatsoever; strong enough for any pipe tobacco smoker that wants full flavor.
  • Good Stuff Gold: somewhat of a milder flavor than their other blends; smokes a bit smoother.
  • Good Stuff Menthol: just a slight hint of menthol, nothing over the top like some cheaper pipe tobacco blends, just a solid menthol pipe tobacco taste.
  • Good Stuff Menthol Gold: somewhat milder than their standard “menthol.”
  • Good Stuff Silver: a smooth, elegant taste on par with much more expensive pipe tobacco brands; just a great tasting pipe tobacco.
  • The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco: more of a traditional tasting pipe tobacco but a a bit of a step down in flavor from their Red.

D&R Premium Pipe Tobacco one of the Best Blends on the Market for a Discriminating Smoker

D&R Premium Tobacco is made from the finest flue-cured, gold leaf blends and offers an assortment of 12 different pipe tobacco blends. We save the best for last in this blog post – there is no better pipe tobacco on the market than D&R Pipe Tobacco.

The “D&R” stands for Daughters and Ryan, they make one of the finest quality products in the world and we think of them as a luxury brand that’s great for any tobacco smoker who wants to enjoy the finest pipe tobacco money can buy.

It’s truly a top shelf one of a kind pipe tobacco – not the cheapest brand by any means, but well/well worth the price. Their flavor packed blends are distinctive and best quality pipe tobacco on the market, hands down. You are consistently getting a great product that’s going to smoke like no other brand of pipe tobacco.

  • Ramback: has a silky smooth taste with a flavorful and characteristic oriental finish that’s a bit exoctic – you will savor this pipe tobacco every time you smoke it. Nothing better on the market than this product!
  • Ramback Gold: just a touch smoother than the standard Ramback.
  • Three Sails: has a full bodied, British style Virginia pipe tobacco blend, with an extra fine shag cut.
  • Windsail Platinum: slightly milder taste than the Three Sails blend.
  • Windsail Silver: light bodied, yet flavorful with an extra smooth taste.
  • Windsail Gold: produces a flavorful, robust flavor.
  • Two Timer z’: a nutty taste and natural sweetness.
  • PenHooker : their richest blend with a wonderful distinctive taste: truly uniuqe and high quality.
  • Ryback: has a distinctive dark-fired taste: a rich satisfying smoke every time.
  • Vengeur: s a medium bodied blend, developed to be smooth and flavorful, with no bitter aftertaste.
  • S.J. Rimboche Perique – the source tobacco for this blend is only grown in Louisiana and only in two areas; this is an extremely rare and hard to come by pipe tobacco. This blend has a rich tradition that makes it a stand out high end pipe tobacco product.?

That’s our review of nine great roll your own tobacco products that garner consistent great reviews here on our site, are all aggressively priced and each of these pipe tobacco products has their own unique taste. Thanks for stopping by here at Windy City Cigars and be sure to check out our Newsletter and sign up to get great emails in your inbox.