Nording Pipes – Best 10 Smoking Wooden-Pipes

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Best 10 Nording pipes

When it comes to choosing the best pipe, a pipe needs to meet several requirements met by Nording pipes to satisfy you. If you enter a pipe shop and see someone buying a pipe, you may be wondering why it is taking such person a long time to decide on the right pipe. Before you buy a pipe, there are factors you need to consider to buy the right pipe for you or as a gift to someone you love.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to choose the right pipe. A pipe should meet many requirements to satisfy you. Those requirements can be mechanical, aesthetic or financial. When it comes to aesthetics, it means you must like the feel and the look of the pipe. Mechanical requirement means the pipe must be designed to bring you pleasure from smoking it.

Nording has been in existence since 1963 and the company continues to carve high-quality smoking pipes. In this article, we will look at the best 10 Nording pipes. These pipes are mechanically great, aesthetically good and are budget friendly. Let’s look at the best 10 Nording pipe you can buy today and enjoy.

#1. Abstract handmade

Nording abstract handmade pipe is a freehand pipe with a unique spot carved rustication that makes it one of a kind. With an excellent rustication and pattern, the pipe is light weight and has a great feel in hand. If you are a lover of pipe that boasts a great aesthetic and is mechanically great, Nording abstract handmade is for you.

#2. Black Grain

Nording black grain pipe is a beautiful freehand pipe with black oil stain coating that enhances the color of the grain. When creating this masterpiece, Erik Nording used his years of experience in carving it. The pipe is comfortable in hand and provides excellent smoking experience. If you want to smoke with style, this is the pipe for you.

#3. Black smooth handmade

The black smooth handmade pipe is sleek, bold and unforgettable tobacco pipe. Its black grain high-gloss stain adds a greater elegance to it. It is handmade with a unique bowl and acrylic stem. Its beauty and quality will surely make people notice you when you are smoking. Even if you don’t want to smoke, mere seeing it will spur you to smoke. If you are looking for mechanically and aesthetically great pipe that is budget friendly, this is the best smoking pipe.

#4. Burgundy grain

This pipe has the traditional whimsical freehand style completed with a striking burgundy stain that accentuates the original grains of the briar. If you want to have a great experience smoking, you should get burgundy grain pipe from Erik Nording.

#5. Erik Nording tobacco pipe moss F

When we are talking about the best pipe makers, Erik Nording is the number one. The sweeping, natural lines and finishes of this pipe make it unique and perfect for you. If you want the best smoking experience, Erik Nording tobacco pipe moss F is gorgeous and convenient to smoke. This pipe comes with handsome deep reddish orange coloring and with its beauty and style, you are sure to love it.

#6. Red grain #1 handmade

Red grain #1 handmade pipe is one of the best pipes from Nording. The best thing about it is that it is a high-quality pipe and budget friendly. If you are looking for a quality pipe at an affordable price, look no further than Red grain #1 handmade pipe from Nording.

#7. Rustic

If you ever need to fill up your pipe, head off to work and light it anytime, rustic pipe from Erik Nording is the perfect pipe for you. This pipe is a comfortable pipe that will fit snugly into your smoking rotation. It is highly unique, beautiful and sure to give you a great smoking experience.

#8. Signature black

The signature black pipe from Nording is a freehand pipe that is truly eye-catching. Its briar has strong contrasts between black and light colored grain that makes it the best among the rest. The pipe proudly displays Erik Nording’s signature on its bowl. The unique signature black is the type of pipe you need in your collection.

#9. Signature rustic handmade

Nording signature rustic handmade pipe provides a bent vulcanite stem and nice deep bowl. The pipe is signed by Erik Nording himself to show its craftsmanship and quality. Since the early 60’s, Erik Nording has been known for one of a kind, unique, hand carved pipes that are light in the mouth, feel good in the hand and guaranteed to smoke great from the first to the last puff. This pipe is sure to provide you the great smoking experience you deserve. Give it a try today.

#10. Signature smooth

The signature smooth pipe is made using the natural color of untreated briarwood that will tan after a great smoke. This pipe is another great one among the signature collection. Any pipe smoker knows Erik Nording always make only the quality pipes. With smooth design, bent stem and an unstained finish, this pipe is very comfortable to hold.

If you are looking to make your pipe smoking enjoyable, you need an aesthetically and mechanically great pipe. Whatever you are looking for in the pipe you desire, Nording pipes provides the best experience you need. Erik Nording is known for carving quality pipes and you should get one of the best Nording pipes we have reviewed above.