One of Today’s Best Rolling Papers – Corn Husk

Corn husk rolling papers

With several States legalizing Marijuana now there has been a big increase in how people smoke. One of the most popular ways still is the old fashioned joint and with this method you need some rolling papers.

It’s become a fashion statement today to have your own special rolling paper brand that is unique to you. When you spark one up these rolling papers will be sure to spark a conversation as well.

Here is a one of the best on the market today.

Corn husk rolling papers

New York based T. Ras Rolling Co. has developed one of the coolest rolling papers to date. They have a signature brand of corn husk rolling papers. They’re manufactured using 100% corn husks and are pre-cut and measured to provide you with a truly unique joint. The idea to use corn husks came from one of the family members who rolled his weed with corn husks back in the day. Each pack comes with a small spray bottle, as you must get the entire paper moist before twisting one up.

Corn husk rolling papers burn slow and even, along with a middle of the road taste to bring out the natural flavor of your bud. If you like adding extracts to your weed these papers will work well as they absorb oil and prevent dripping and burning fast.


Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars