One of Today’s Best Rolling Papers – Lift Ticket

Lift Ticket Rolling Papers

With the legalization of Marijuana in several States today there has been a big increase in how people smoke. One of the most popular ways still is the old fashioned joint and with this method you need some rolling papers.

It’s become a fashion statement today to have your own special rolling paper brand that is unique to you. When you spark one up these rolling papers will be sure to spark a conversation as well.

Here is a one of the best on the market today.

Lift Ticket Medicated Rolling Papers

The next time you’re in a California dispensary definitely snatch up some of these rolling papers. Their called Lift Ticket and their appeal is that their infused with high quality hash oil. It lifts your spirits with a medicinal boost to your joint courtesy of some of California’s award winning hash oil processors.

They come in single and double packs, along with pre-rolled in some select locations. For those who like to add a cannabinoid to their joint, but doesn’t want to mess with hash oil themselves.


Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars