One of Today’s Best Rolling Papers – RAW Supernatural

RAW Supernatural Foot-Long Rolling Papers

With several States legalizing Marijuana now there has been a big increase in how people smoke. One of the most popular ways still is the old fashioned joint and with this method you need some rolling papers.

It’s become a fashion statement today to have your own special rolling paper brand that is unique to you. When you spark one up these rolling papers will be sure to spark a conversation as well.

Here is a one of the best on the market today.

RAW Supernatural Foot-Long Rolling Papers

Now these are some cool rolling papers that are made out of natural products. One in particular is the gigantic RAW Supernatural cone. This bad dog measures in at 1 ft. long with its next biggest competition at 7.25” cone.

Invite all of your friends over as these rolling papers can be connected together making one ginormous rolling paper sure to rule them all.

Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars